Monday, February 27, 2012

Too Good NOT to Share

A family within our agency community recently came home with a precious little daughter from China. It's their second adoption and it was a total joy following their journey to their girl. Honesty, vulnerability, reality, and sweet expectation all rolled into one big adventure. Last week, she posted about their first week home and linked to a blog post that she felt was a good summary of their experiences and their intentions in these early days of attaching and bonding. I read it and found myself nodding and "uh huh-ing" through the whole thing.

Ummmm, yeah. What she said!

The bonus is that while I was "yes and amen'ing" along to this great link, the author linked to another of her earlier posts. I followed it, cuz who doesn't love a good link-along now and then? And again, I was "oh, yeah'ing" and "uh HUH'ing" all over the place.

Again with the "WHAT SHE SAID's"!!!!!!

So, here are the two posts:

How To Be The Village by Jen Hatmaker
After The Airport by Jen Hatmaker

The actual posts are new to me but the subject matter is nothing new for this momma. It's something I feel so strongly about and I was so blessed to have other adoptive moms share these ideas and practices with me before we brought our Li'l Empress home... And the OTHER bonus of the links? After spending some serious time surfing around Jen's site as a whole, I think I've found a new favorite voice in the adoption community!!!!

Reading these and thinking about our own plans to "shrink our world" make me giddy with anticipation for our little Brynna to come home.

(Here's a link to the final installment of a series of posts
I wrote about intentionally fostering attachment
when Li'l Empress came home.
There are two previous posts if you are interested.)

Read. Enjoy. Come back and let's chat. And by all means - share, share, share!!!!


Aus said...

Good morning - you posted late - ah the joys of FB!!

Yeah - these are really great - I'm familiar with them already - but the are super!

We're firm believers in "keep it small" too - just makes sense! Yeah - it can be hard on folks - but - if they love you - the'll "get it"!

hugs - aus and co.

groovy mama said...

HA-HA!!! LOVE IT!!! Anyhow, i have learned that 'we, AP' get it...but i think i scared my family away with my post...ha, ha, don't care, but someone needs to share/spread the word right???? Oh and thanks for the invite to chat, i would love it! Wish we were closer...I will be coming to CHOP soon with Maia.
any word on when you get a referal?????