Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Three years ago this week,
THIS was the sight that greeted me
when I opened my email before heading
off on our annual vacation.

I know, can you STAND it?!

And now....
Holding her (instead of a couple of pictures!)
in my arms still doesn't get old!

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Chris said...


Aus said...

Great bunch of posts there GM - sorry I haven't been around - laid up with a bummed ankle. No surgery but I'll be on light duty for weeks.

You covered a lot of ground. I too know how I felt about fund raising for Chase's adoption - but we did it anyway. No - we aren't on a "rescue" either - we're parents who knew there was a parental need for one more! But it's a challange to make that decision anyway. Y'all just do what your heart tells you to do and the rest will work out.

I too have been wondering if there was a way to create a 'foundation' that could help other families with the expense of adoption - there's some food for thought there - we need to revisit that one day!

As for the rest - your guys crack me up too - and it's all good!

hugs - aus and co.