Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

Sunday Snapshot

We have survived Hurricane Irene. We're really wet. Well, I mean, our basement is really wet. And The Boss, Shaggy, and Dr. D spent most of last night really wet. But we made it through. If I am pressed to find the silver lining, I can say that by the time every thing dries out and all the damage is cleaned up and done, we will have a really clean basement about a month ahead of schedule.  Today's Sunday Snapshot is of the heroes of Hurricane Irene, here at The Gang's house.

Pre-storm, or when the rain was the only evidence that an epic weather event was on its way, we enjoyed a long, quiet afternoon full of movies, home-made cookies, big batches of popcorn flowing freely, more movies, and jammy time just hanging out together. But all that changed at about 11:30 p.m. When our main sump pump failed and the battery-back-up wore itself out right on its heels. Thank the Lord that we had our pool cover pump and that Shaggy found our neighbor's sump pump in their basement when he went poking around their shed and garage looking for their pool cover pump. (They are out of town. The Boss and the boys are charged with caring for their property whenever they travel. Flashlight in hand, he went traipsing over in the wind and rain at 12:30 a.m. or so to try and come up with something to stem the tide of rushing waters!)

Dr. D, checking news reports and chatting 
with friends on F@cebook during the rain-only
portion of the storm.

Shaggy, catching up with a friend between movies
on Saturday.

But during the storm?
These guys proved their mettle beyond our belief.
Bucket Brigade for more than an hour.
Jerry-rigging a supplemental sump pump with The Boss.
Carting furniture and more than 25 big storage
bins full of clothes for The Gang up to the family room.
Running in and out of the side yard to move drainage pipes.
Keeping an eye on the neighbors' property through it all.
Both of them up till at least 4 a.m.
working alongside The Boss without much of a break.

We are blessed.

 And this guy?
This really tired, really run-down and worn-out warrior?
He ran the whole project for more than three straight hours
of rushing water - rushing INTO the basement
faster than he could get it out, that is.
Wet clothes, head cold, sleep deprivation, frustration,
disgust, stress, and more. He didn't quit until it was obvious
the pump was winning over the cold, dark, nasty water.

I am blessed.


Merrill said...

Glad you weathered the storm as well as you could. So sorry about the sump pumps giving out! Sounds like your guys worked together so well!

Martha said...

So sorry to hear about the wet basement...but glad it wasn't any worse.

Aus said...

While I'm sorry to hear about the basement (this as the victim of a flood this spring - BTDT!!) I'm also impressed with the guys - way to go men - way to go!

hugs - aus and co.

Joan said...

Wow...that sounds horrible, but it's great that they worked together so well