Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

Sunday Snapshot

Oh, such a funny story on the way to these pretty pics!

When LadyBug, Li'l Empress, Grandma and I all gathered in the kitchen before church this a.m., we noticed a theme. And consequently, a perfect opportunity for some picture time, if you ask me.

This is the first shot. Pretty much perfect, I think.

And then we requested The Boss to follow up with another. You know, "just in case."  I'm big on the "follow up" pic, even bigger on the "just in case."

Not just with pictures. Kinda generally in life.

But with this second shot, Li'l Empress just.would.not look at the camera. W.O.U.L.D.N.O.T. I even "got in her face" a little, assuming that she was over-tired and acting out.

Finally, she stopped us all in our tracks, by patting Grandma's arm and asking, "What dis arm doin' here foh?"

Oh. My. Word. She COULDN'T look at the camera and smile pretty.

Because she couldn't figure out whose arm that was and what it was doing on her leg.

Those smiles are pure hilarity. She had us totally cracked up.

I have no idea where she comes up with this stuff.


The Raudenbush Family said...

I can hear the words coming out of her mouth now. :)

Aus said...

I know where she comes up with this stuff - it's because she very much favors her momma!!

hugs - aus and co.