Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday {haircuts}

One more thing off the TO DO list, which seems like it's growing instead of shrinking, by the way!

Took LadyBug yesterday to get some long layers
and side-swept bangs for her big middle school debut.

The Boss clippered him up tight and close
to avoid the "Did you do your hair?" hassle!

I just trimmed up the bangs
to even them out. Not brave enough
to attempt any more myself...

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My Little Nest said...

Love the hair! We, in fact, had all 3 kids haircuts on Monday. I know what you mean about long to-do lists before school starts. I just told my hubby the other day between eye appts, Dr. checkups, haircuts, and school supplies and clothing, we spend half the summer just getting READY to go back to school!

ComfyDenim said...

Lovin' the sass on the empress, there...

And oh my -- you're kids are getting so big and ever so much prettier/handsomer...


sweet momma luv u said...

They look great! Next to do on my list before next weds.

I can't believe summer is almost over when we haven't even really had summmer here! Frustrating.....


Honey Mommy said...

Looking good!

I need to cut my boys' hair this weekend! That way Jonah will be all spiffed up for Kindergarten!