Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

Sunday Snapshot

My three boys got a chance this weekend
to immerse themselves in the things that they love.

Dr. D's first official season of high school football
 has begun. He's #26 this year.
This is from his first scrimmage.
Just 10 plays each - offense and defense.
But he got his hands on the ball a few times.
And picked up some really nice yardage for the team.

This Momma was cheerin' loud and proud.
I'm already lovin' the chance to yell my brains out
on the sidelines. He can't hear me through all that padding.

Later, The Boss took Shaggy to one of his favorite
music stores for an end of season inventory sale.
Shaggy got to play some seriously top o' the line drum sets.
His passion for the drums has expanded.
This summer, he's been dabbling in music theory
and teaching (re-teaching) himself some technique skills.

And Baby BlueEyes?  Well, at almost 10 years old,
his passion is to be with and be like his brothers
and his Daddy. Whenever and However.
He went along for both rides and was a happy camper
All. Day. Long.

The fact that he made his Daddy and I laugh out loud
with this face was just icing on the cake for our little guy!

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5ennie said...

I have three boys also, and one would LOVE to play football. The same one just started independent guitar lessons, but I'm sure he'd enjoy the drums too :)
Here from Sunday Snapshot!

Merrill said...

No football players at my house since it's just me and my girly girl. But, she is an AVID football FAN! She has her favorite high school, college, and pro teams that she celebrates and fusses at depending on the situation. Can't believe it's football season again already!

Aus said...

Cool stuff - like 'family' y'know? ;)

hugs - aus and co.