Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

Ni Hao Yall

On Thursday, Li'l Empress had her first ever dentist appointment. Yup, big girl chair, full cleaning and everything. And I have to say, given how hard it can occasionally be for her to engage in and enjoy new experiences, this appointment was a pleasant surprise. For me, and for the dentist's whole staff. 

It certainly helps that both of the big brudders went first, showing her how it's done. And that they let her climb all over them, ride up and down in the chair, and boss them around a little bit. Even the hygienist got in on the fun, letting Li'l E help count Shaggy's teeth.

I could tell she was getting a little nervous when they told her it was her turn to climb into the big chair by herself. But in this instance, we worked the power of peer pressure for good - they cheered her on and made it a chance to gain their fist bumps and brotherly approval.

The cheesey smile is masking a touch of uncertainty.

The pretty purple bib just like her brothers' 
made transition a little more tolerable.

She was remarkably calm and even excited about showing off all her teeth and counting "ten on top" and "ten on bottom" with the hygienist by this point of the visit. She didn't mind the sticky scraper thingy in her mouth at all.  (I hate that thing but managed to mask my squeamishness, er, distaste, for the sake of the mission!)

Counting her little pearly whites . . . 

quickly moved on to polishing with "Mr. Tickle" and some
"awwwdum" berry toothpaste.

When the hygienist took a break and asked Li'l E if her teeth
were starting to feel clean and sparkly,
Li'l E said, "Ummmmm?  No, not reawy."

I'm not even kidding.

It went so well that she was positively IN CHARGE of the room. It got to the point that it was almost like her own one-man stand-up show.  In fact, she got so comfy with herself and her surroundings that she didn't even once ask for me. Shaggy was all about easing the situation - her "walking security blanket - and Dr. D was giving her funny things to say and positive self-talk to share with the hygienist:

 "Li'l E, tell the hygienist how awesome you are."
"I'm awdum."

Note the "awdumly" relaxed, chill pose.
(The fact that she crosses her legs while laying down like that
just totally cracks me up. Such a diva.) 

None of us knew what to expect - given her age, her dislike of anyone in scrubs, and her, ummm, well, her temperament. :) Let's just say, our pediatrician and his nursing staff earn every.single.penny. of every.single.visit. by the time Li'l E settles into acceptance of even a regular check-up. Between the gazillion questions about needles and band-aids and boo-boos (she's very uncomfortable with any sight of any of the three), the stubborn resistance to making eye contact with any of those scrubs-clad folk, and the constant requests for reassurance ("Mommy, I neeee you.  Mommy, you 'tay wit me?  Mommy, I neeee you."), the mere mention of the word "doctor" or "nurse" is used spaaaaringly by this household.

Again, it was one of the more pleasant surprises we've had with Li'l E and all things medical. And another happy milestone for our girl!

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Nancy said...

i'm scared to take my littles for their first dental visit. I want to bribe them with candy, but that seems counter-productive. But this looks like it went to well! Thanks for the inspiration!
Nancy-of the crazy 8

Michelle said...

From a girl who loves to go to the dentist, I love that her first visit went so well!

Joan said...

We were fortunate to get dental services donated to our kids, and I went with them to help. I have to say, even though we role played in our dentist chair and told them what to expect, it was quite the ordeal.

That's nice that your son could go first. Maybe if I or a caretaker went for a cleaning first, they'd be less scared. One poor boy finally stopped resisting after he was too exhausted to shift away :(

A good positive experience for your daughter, for many more visits to come :) unfortunately, probably can't say the same for our boys...

anything but LoKEY said...

I just LOVE the cheesy grin in that 2nd picture! Oh my goodness, she looks like a sport.

We were very thankful our first dental visit went well too, considering our little one has the same fear of scrubs and checkups. Glad it went well for ya'll! :)

Julie said...

Love the pictures:) She is such a cutey pie!

Aus said...

Dude (OK - dudette) - she's WAY braver than me - I hate that more than about anything - and I'm real sure that she was in charge of the room shortly after arrival - she is "li'l Empress" after all!

hugs - great stuff here - aus and co.

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Too cute! What a brave one!!

Oh...I must brave the toddler trio at the dentist this summer...oh dear!

LOVE the header!

ComfyDenim said...

Too bad you can't bottle up that awwdumness. You'd be one wealthy woman.

The word verification for this comment is "tenneshi".

The capital of tenneshi is Nashville. That's somehow appropriate.