Thursday, March 24, 2011

Glammin' Up Grandma's Dishes

This week, I made a dish that our whole family loves. My grandmother gave me the recipe once when I was a newly engaged college senior, visiting her for a long weekend. She had made it for me a couple of times on other visits and it's been a tried and true recipe for all the years since. I threw in some extra's this week and glammed up the dish a bit. Normally, I make it just as she dictated it and enjoy its simplicity. But this time around, I was feeling a little adventurous.

Give it a try, I'll bet your family will love it. Glammed up like I did, or stripped down to the basics - it's easy and tasty, and if you do it right, it's actually not too bad on your waistline either!

“Poor Man’s” Shrimp or Crab Alfredo
My Grandma Gert

1 lb.  frozen shrimp or lump crab meat
          (imitation crab meat is also tasty)
4-6 Tbsp. butter – I use EVOO
1-2 cloves garlic
1 tsp. oregano
1 tsp. parsley
1 (8 oz.) block of light cream cheese (non-fat is good too)
½ c. grated romano or parmesan cheese

Sauté the frozen shrimp or crabmeat in butter and add garlic (*and onions if you are so inclined).  Stir in oregano and parsley.

Add the cream cheese, cut up in chunks and turn the heat to low. Simmer this combination until cheese is thoroughly melted and creamy.

Add ½ cup of romano or parmesan cheese and stir through until melted and mixed well.  If sauce is too thick, add milk to desired consistency. If stronger cheese flavor is desired, try shredded parmesan in place or in combination with grated cheeses.

I also love to throw in extra nutrition via some (or this week, all!) of these add-ins:
·       ½ c. sun-dried tomatoes, roughly chopped (and drained if in oil)
·       ½-1 c. broccoli and/or cauliflower, steamed and chopped
·       ½ c. onions, chopped and sautéed with the garlic during the first step*

Serve over noodles of your choice that have been cooked and drained. We especially prefer this dish with shrimp that’s been grilled.  We like to serve it over spinach linguine or whole grain or veggie fettucine.

Serves 6 comfortably.


Aus said...

Oh man - I'm hungry already - when's dinner? ;)

hugs - aus and co.

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Yum!!! This would be a good meal for lent. :)