Thursday, March 31, 2011

Not for the Faint of Heart

I've heard it said, many many times, that international adoption is not for the faint of heart. Having been through it once and attempting to embark upon it again, I can vigorously agree with the sentiment.

By the providence and grace of a loving Father, I have found myself surrounded on all sides with lots of folks who are supportive, encouraging, cheerleaders for my journey(s):
  • Folks who have been there and back themselves and have lived to share their tales of it all.
  • Folks who haven't done it themselves, but get me and get my heart for that little girl that God is holding in His hands for our family.
  • Folks who don't understand what we're doing or even why we are doing it, but love us and love God and are willing to throw their support behind us just because they believe us when we say this is God's calling for our Gang.
  • Folks who are willing to lay it all out there and share their stories, often for the SOLE purpose of glorifying God and giving a spotlight to HIS heart for the little ones who are waiting for a mommy and daddy to take them into their hearts. Forever.
For all of you folks, where ever you are on that list, please, go and read this story. It's a bit lengthy. It's a four-part series. But it's worth the read. It is SO worth the read.

For all of you folks who are waiting, like us, somewhere along the long, long journey that is international adoption, go read this story. You will be encouraged. You will be blessed. Your faith will be built up.

I know that Stefanie didn't intend this series to be anything more than sharing her journey and giving her great big God glory for being their All in All; but as I'm sharing it with you, my readers, I am feeling blessed beyond measure myself. I needed to hear this story. I needed to know that God isn't finished with The Gang yet. I needed to know that He hasn't forgotten my longing heart. He hasn't forgotten my solitary, quiet prayers.

In the last few months, I have often felt like Hannah at the altar of the temple. Circumstances that I can't control, time lines that weren't my plan, "checks" in our spirits that we don't understand (but have felt compelled to obey nonetheless), re-training of mindsets and habits in our home as we have learned more along the way. All of these things have added up to a delay in our journey to "mei mei" that has been hard for me to process. Hard for me to accept.

But posts like these listed above remind me that He is in it all. He is in CHARGE of it all. He has it all in His hands. Posts like these remind me that He is listening. That He cares even more than I do that "mei mei" come home in His appointed time. That He has connected me to folks who can and will be His Hands to me and His Ears for me when I need it most. That He has folks praying with me and for me, with Stefanie and for Stefanie, even if I don't know them or see them. That I am never alone on this journey to find our "mei mei." And I can't even tell you how loved and cherished that makes me feel.

Never underestimate the power of your support and encouragement AND YOUR PRAYERS for and over a family who has a call to adopt. NEVER.


Faith, Hope, and Love said...


Cindi Campbell said...

Such true words! It's happening to us too. It's been an on again off again adoption and right now I'm waiting for the resurrection of my hopes.

Aus said...

Here here - I follow Steph too - and those posts are a real insight into the heart of adoptive folks.

And ya know - even tho we've BTDT - I don't claim to understand the thoughts or feelings any better than any one - but I know them when I feel them!

With ya'll 100% - hugs - aus and co.

Julie said...

Loved those posts, thanks so much for sharing.

Are you adopting again??? I think I am out of the loop:)

Jonni said...

Ohj sweetie, it was so wonderful to read this today. I am so excited for you and your family. Stef's story is wonderful too isn't it? I wish we could ago again as well, who knows - maybe one day. So happy for you my friend. :)