Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

Better late than never, again!

Ni Hao Yall

Last week was brutal around here. My cold turned into the old-fashioned flu. Li'l Empress spent most of last Sunday errrr, ummmm, pooking. And then Monday laying on one couch nibbling saltines while Momma was on the other couch hacking and chilling. Literally, not colloquially. On Tuesday, I thought, "Well, I feel like crud but it's March 1st and I'm TAKIN' it."  New day, new month, new season and all that blather.

And then on Wednesday, all that newness came to a screeching, screaming halt. The tummy bug that attacked Li'l Empress (brought home from one of those indoor playlands that every mother equally loves for its contained distraction and despises for it germ-carrying bio war capacities) hit Baby BlueEyes first. And hung on to the poor little guy for a solid 14 hours. Shortly after that, Dr. D was felled; followed by LadyBug, and on to Shaggy. The older three didn't actually experience the violent pooking but rolling stomachs, aversions to smells of any sort, and random naps throughout all of Wednesday. Most of Thursday was all that and some (try a gazillion) loads of laundry and serious anti-bacterializing of all surfaces in sight thrown in for good measure.  His (planned for) day-off on Thursday to "knock out the electrical" in our bathroom project was instead used to clean all the downstairs carpets and a couple of the upstairs ones, too. By Friday night, both The Boss and I were exhausted.

We all spent lots of time sprawled on various couches and chairs, trying to recover and recuperate. On Thursday, I threw open all the shades and walked around "febr@@zing" everything in sight. And I caught this sight as I walked into the living room to check on the kids.

Dr. D. must be part cat.
He was stretched out on the living room floor
basking in the sun and trying to warm up from his chills.

For several minutes. He almost fell asleep.

I'd post more pics of the hall bathroom project but it's a lot of plain plywood and bare studs. Cuz in the process of funneling all 7 of us into the master bath for the duration of the hall bath project, it seems we over-loaded what must have been a small leak in the grout and tile of the master shower. Now, it's a big leak. With lots of really wet drywall and cracked grout. Nothing like having two bathroom projects going at once. He did manage to get all the electrical work done in the hall bath on Saturday and even start some of the plumbing too. While I laid on the couch most of the day. Yup, queasy and nauseous and afraid to go too far from one of the two working bathrooms.

Oh, and NOW The Boss is down for the count. Yup, queasy, light-headed, chills and fever. Right in the middle of the very first steps of prepping our shower on Sunday for its quick patch-and-repair job. Which means that there are 7 of us in the house and NO shower. At least not till Monday night or early Tuesday morning. And that's ONLY IF The Boss can stay upright enough to finish what he started Sunday after church. So far, this Monday morning? It's not looking too promising. He's pretty pasty. 

So, if no one wants to hang with The Gang for a couple days, believe me, I understand. Frankly, I'm not all that crazy about hanging with The Gang myself. But at least our carpets smell pretty and look fresh.

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Aus said...

Oh that SO sucks!! We've been alternating with the bark / cough / yuck thing - but nothing nearly that bad! And I feel the Boss'es pain - nothing worse than having a half done project when all you can do is sit there and look at it because you're too weak to work....

Glad ya'll are a close family - it could get ugly quick! ;)

hugs - aus and co.