Monday, December 20, 2010

Tough Time to be Laid Up

I've been a tad out of commission the last couple days. On Friday, I had some "very suspicious" moles removed from my leg. The doctor's words, not mine. I'm totally a wimp when it comes to all things medical, for me and for others, so I was a sweaty clammy mess before I even got into the waiting room. They were running fairly behind and I was glad I brought a book to get my mind off of the ticking clock. Once they got me in there, the nurse said they'd only be doing two moles. I was at once relieved and concerned. I mean, relieved cuz it sounded less alarming to only be having two moles removed. And concerned because I was under the impression that the doc was most concerned about a large cluster of three moles that had been under surveillance for the last three years. I thought those were why I was there.

Turns out we were both right. The first mole was a small, surfacey thing, gone with a sweep and a scrape. But. BUT. That cluster of moles I thought was three was actually one large mole that was sort of merged under the skin. Turns out, that merging went pretty deep. Turns out that I needed two layers of stitches. And repeated jabs of local anesthetic. THREE rounds of jabs of local anesthetic to be exact. Deeper each round to be really precise. Ugh.  It's a good thing I reminded them of my allergy to vicryl sutures. That would be very, very uncomfortable to experience again. Whew. Averted an ugh on that one. Toward the end of the tortuous tugging and other such ridiculous imaginings going on inside my head, the doctor asked me twice if I was on an aspirin regimen or something.  Seems they had a hard time getting me to stop bleeding. Double Ugh.

So, I've been sitting on the couch. A LOT. Watching cheese-y Christmas movies. Reading. Folding lots and lots of laundry. And sitting. And sitting some more.  All while wearing pants with no outside seam. (Read, flannel pants.) The seam of all my favorite-est pants runs right through the tenderest spot of the incision. Which, by the way, is 2 inches long. And sporting five royal blue stitches.

All while my Holiday To Do list is growing. Multiplying like little cartoon rabbits, line by line on my notepad. Really, I see them, giggling and making more little to do's all over the paper. It's ridiculous, really. REALLY.

This is a really tough time to be laid up. Triple Ugh. 


ComfyDenim said...

They couldn't even give you Eagle's green stitches??

Did they have to make them BLUE???

May God heal you swiftly and quickly my friend!!!

Aus said...

AACK - Marie has one on her back that should probably be looked at...

and blue stitches - ya would think they could do alternating red and green or something anyway....

Get better quickly - and we'll offer a prayer or two for all ya'll tonight - when Mom ain't happy the whole world ain't happy!

hugs - aus and co.

Mary said...

Visiting from 5 minutes for Mom. I realize I don't know you, but, if I lived closer, I would definitely bring goodies by! Just finished up late last night!