Monday, December 13, 2010

I Stand Corrected

I've always said I'm not much of a collector. "Too much to dust." "Too much to keep track of." And my personal fave: "I collect kids, isn't that enough?"

But this year while taking out the Christmas goodies and decking our halls with boughs of stuff, I discovered that I am indeed, gasp, a collector.  Seems over the years I've developed quite a penchant for gathering snowmen to grace my mantle. Or my hearth. Or my walls.  Oh, well, here. You can see for yourself all my little snowmen, spread all over the downstairs of our home!

This little guy adorns my bookshelf, right where
I can see him from my computer.
I smile each time I see his chubby little self.

This is my hospitable greeter, standing sentry at my door.
He's very skinny and I keep trying to fatten him up
with my Christmas cookies and candies to no avail.

He's hanging in the foyer, keeping my greeter
snowman company with a cheerful smile.
Look at the legs on this guy!

This cute little guy used to hang on my tree,
but I put him in the kitchen to keep me company
while I putter about my day.

I snagged these two from certain banishment to
the local G**dWill this summer at my neighbor's yard sale.
Aren't they charming, there on my mantle?

 These two (with their darling pine tree friend) sit across the mantle.
I won them at a vicious rousing game of Christmas gift exchanges.
The other ladies hopefully still like me, even though I fought hard to
win this set back each time it was stolen exchanged away from me.

From the same yard sale this past summer,
this one has become my new favorite.
Although, I do try not to play favorites with my snowmen.
He's perched on my hearth, keeping us company
while we watch Christmas specials by the fire.

 My sister sent me this little pair, after I'd admired it
at her house one year. They are so happy to flank the fireplace
with my other chubby buddy.
Wasn't that so sweet of her to share?

This rotund couple is sitting atop my stereo.
I can almost see them bopping around when
"I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas"
blasts through the speakers.

I can't for the life of me remember where I got this
snowman angel. But he sure is a cutie.
You can't see it from here, but when he's bumped
(or when the iPod is thumpin'!)
his little wings flutter on a spring. So cute.

Two years ago, I purchased new stockings for all the Gang
and picked snowmen for the kids. I didn't even consciously think about
it then, but I bought an extra one. You know, just in case.
So "Mei Mei" has a snowman stocking waiting in storage
for when she finally comes home to us. 

Even my collection of Christmas pins contains at least one or two
snowmen. Oh. Wait. I also have a collection of Christmas pins.
I AM more of a collector than I thought.  Huh. Who knew?
I was so wrong about myself. I stand corrected.

I am a collector.

We have snowman cups for the table every night.
Thank you, D*ll@r General.

Oh, and look. While I was taking pictures of all the snowmen
in the house, Baby BlueEyes pointed out that I even bought
snowmen plates for last week's holiday bazaar/bake sale at school.
I'm begining to think I'm obssessed... 

And of course, the heart of our home, you know, the refrigerator
canNOT be left out of the fun. Check out my snowman magnet.
Holding up my December menus.

I'm starting to scare myself. But I just can't help it. I mean, have you ever seen a grumpy snowman? They're kinda like Tigger. Happy, cheery, bearers of smile and joy. Who DOESN'T feel better when they see these guys dotting the holiday landscapes?  Mmm, that makes me think. I wonder what OUTDOOR decor I can come up with to make the neighbors smile. 

Well, my snowman flag. Of course!


Michelle said...

Ha! You really do love snowmen (you even gave us snowman mugs and plates for our wedding :-)
I love them too!

Melissa said...

So cute! I hesitate telling people I "collect" something since I then seem to get a million of whatever it is...I remember that my SIL knew I liked cow things when Jay and I were engaged so my bridal shower was cow themed!! And, we got bunches of crazy cow things (cows in a hot tub, cow apron, cow statues....). Holy cow!

Aus said...

Great couple posts GM - we'll do the cooking thing next week - still a tad early for us!!

As for 'collecting' - hey - at least you can hide your obsession during the summer! ;)

hugs - aus and co.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, how I heart you! I have a secret snowman stash, too. I love 'em because you can leave them out longer... they don't look ridiculous hanging out in February. Not like the Santas.

Beverly said... do know I am a Snowman collector too don't you???? I even have a 10 foot totally snowman decorated Christmas tree...will the sameness ever end???? HAHAHAHAHAHA! I love all your snowman!! TOO CUTE!

Martha said...

I love snowmen too.. I have one that holds a sign that says Jesus loves you "snow" much. I even have red snowmen christmas plates! Got to love snowmen ornaments cause we don't get much snow around here..LOL

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh my friend.... you are most certainly a collector!!! Look at all those snowmen! They are so cute and when it comes to Christmas decor, I do have more snowmen than anything.....they are just so cute!!

Hope you are hanging in there this holiday season! We will connect once we are through the chaos....I promise~