Friday, December 3, 2010


Ever since Li'l Empress started sleeping in her big girl bed last week, we've noticed a change in her sleeping habits.  In her crib, she used to snuggle in on her belly, doggy under one arm and wubby under the other. Always tucked under the same arms, I might add. She'd start out with her little hiney wiggling around in the air and flatten out as I laid the blanket over her and tuck it around her for "cozy rosie."

However, all that has changed.  With the placement of her bed and her pillow now at the opposite end of the room, she sleeps on her side or her back. (When she isn't sneaking out of bed to snitch books to "read," that is.) I suspect that it's because she likes to be able to see the door from her bed. This new habit of sleeping on her back has wreaked havoc on her hair. Yesterday, I posted on my F@cebook status that Baby BlueEyes hair always looks like he endured a series of "swirlies" in his dreams. But he's got NOTHIN' on this girl of mine.

And THIS is after she'd been up for a while.
After the forces of gravity had weighed down
the crown portion that was sticking
when she came downstairs!

Sigh. If this keeps up, she might NEVER have thick enough hair, heck ENOUGH hair AT ALL!, to do more than two little tiny piggies on the very top.

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Aus said...

Aww come on - bad hair is good! It'll grow eventually - someday - kinda sorta - soon!

hugs - aus and co.