Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Snapshot

Ni Hao Y'all

Yesterday we immersed ourselves in Christmas festivities. We went to my sister's house for lunch and a cookie decorating party. There were cookies, sprinkles, frosting, more sprinkles, and creativity a'flowin!

They all started out looking like this.
A sugar cookie snowman with a top hat.

And they morphed into . . .

A pink confection complete with finger swipe
down the left side. Li'l Empress was just testing the frosting
for proper consistency, I'm sure.

Baby BlueEyes went with a sort of Sumo Wrestler look.
At least, that's what I think it might be..... None of us are really sure.

LadyBug's snowgirl is sportin' some designer duds, right down
to the purple floral trim around her gown.

It's no surprise that Dr. D was all Eagles all the time.
This homage to LeSean McCoy is carrying my
Gang's favorite kind of football.
No, not chocolate.... CAUGHT.

The entire clan agreed that this was by far the most disturbing
of all the entries to Saturday's decorating festivities.
Some sort of surfer dude rockin' the pink bikini. I don't know.
Usually Shaggy is so meticulous and artistic when decorating.
This makes me wonder if he's starting to crack under the pressure.

I can't believe how many pictures I took of the day.
It was fun to watch the kids (of all ages!)
put their creativity to their giant snowmen.

My brother was especially proud of his little leprachaun cookie.
Doesn't that smile creep you out a little?
My brother's smile, that is. Not the cookie's.

 But for me, the most fun of all was watching those first bites.

She was so excited for that first bite - I could hardly get her
to wait till the camera reset after the last shot!

My niece cracked me up all day.
"One sprinkle for me, one for the cookie."
"One chocolate chip for me, one for my cookie."
That girl knows how to decorate a cookie!

Sumo dude didn't last long in Baby BlueEyes' hands.
Poor thing, he went head first.

When she finished that cookie, her eyes were watering.
Red hots ain't just a name, sweetie!

A grand time was had by all. Great memories, good food, holiday tunes,
and fun conversations. What more could a Momma want?!

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