Friday, January 8, 2010

Please Pray!

My bloggity crush on the lovely Miss Stefanie from the captivating Ni Hao Y'all has been well-documented here and here. Well, really, in lots of places all over this blog but if you visit me often, you know that by now. (And probably snicker under your breath at my ridiculous fawning. You do, I know you do.)

I'm so excited to share with you all that she is leaving today for China to adopt their sweet little Vivi. You really should follow along. I began reading her blog back when she was in China adopting their adorable little Jude, back in 2007. The in-country posts were amazing to me and I loved seeing the journey through a mom's eyes. It was one of the first adoption blogs I read, where I could follow the whole trip through the beautiful land of China. If you enjoy a good adoption story, you really need to check out this post and follow along with the fun.

Even if you don't follow the whole trip, can you please join me in praying for her whole family? Dad, Chris, is home with the rest of the crew taking care of the daily routine and can certainly use our prayers for health, safety, grace and patience in Mommy's absence. The kids will all be missing their Mommy fiercely, so they certainly need our covering. And Stefanie is thrilled to be traveling their son Asher (how cool is that name?!), so they need prayer for safety, easy flight connections, health while in-country, and smooth paperwork.

Then of course, there's little Vivi.

Recently, Stefanie wrote this amazing post. It says it all better than I could possibly say, so head over there to read about sweet little Vivienne.

Please, pray for little Vivi. Her whole world is about to change. Everything. In the space of about 15 minutes. That's a lot for any one. It's a lot more for a little two year old. Please pray!


a Tonggu Momma said...

I think a lot of us adore Stefanie. But of course you win - you ARE her number one fan.

Aus said...

She's on my list to follow - and if you haven't looked yet we're TA - we'll be in country by the 24th...more on that later.

And of course prayers will be offered and will continue!

In the meantime I'm in agony about the Bengals, and you are sharing my sorrow as you watch the Eagles yet again - Coyboys just stored again with 5:33 to go in the third....sorry.....

hugs - aus and co.

Dawn said...

I'll follow her journey and add her and her entire family, including Vivi, to my prayers.