Tuesday, January 26, 2010


On Saturday, the six of us spent a couple hours cleaning and organizing our basement while Li'l Empress took her nap. It was a lovely high for me, to see piles of clothes being sorted for donations and piles of things being carried out to the trash. The Boss got rid of a good number of mostly empty paint cans, some miscellaneous stuff that he was hanging onto for "someday" and lots of other garbage. I purged our storage shelves, organized our extra "pantry" space, and parted with some old borders that I'll never use. I'm not sure why I had them, but apparently The Boss isn't the only one who squirrels stuff for a "someday." Frankly, I didn't even remember that they were still down there!

When we were done, the kids had lots of energy to burn. We sent them out to play in the sunshine. But I got wind of a little plot, orchestrated by Dr. D, to ambush LadyBug with Silly String when she came out to join them. So I snuck off to inform her of the plot and re-orchestrated things a little bit. You know us girls gotta stick together around here. We're still outnumbered, in numbers and in abilities of warfare.

I gave the boys the "heads up" that she was on her way out, and gave The Boss the camera. They were laughing at catching this prank on camera and I don't think they suspected me at all. LadyBug and I snuck out the front door and came around the garage behind them - allowing her a moment of glorious surprise all her own.

Then the little bugger turned on me.
And yes, I'm outside in my huuuuge sweatshirt,
slippers and flannel pants
Sue me. I was working in the cold dirty basement.

So much for sticking together.
Is anyone else bothered by the fact
that I was completely unarmed?!

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