Friday, February 20, 2009

Say It Forward

I had grand plans to schedule this post in advance, but I got derailed with a 24-hour bout of strep. I'm fine now, thanks to antibiotics the size of a horse hoof and plenty of rest on the couch while The Boss took over and played Mr. Mom last night. He even grocery shopped, bless his heart! And if my blog is seeming especially prolific this week, it's due to the "Winter Vacation, Interrupted" that I mentioned earlier this week. While The Boss was painting and Li'l Empress was happily engaged in yelling at the television screen while her brothers played Madden and Lego Star Wars, I snuck in several writing opportunities. This one got stuck in the draft pile. Better late than never, I always say!

Mom Blogs

"Say It Forward" is a blog carnival, hosted by 5 Minutes for Moms every Friday. The sole purpose is for bloggers to honor and thank their most loyal commenters. As much as I love encouraging and building up others around me, I am thrilled to participate in this event.

Today, I want to publicly thank my blogging friend, Aus from The Aus Side of Life! for the regular and entertaining comments he leaves here on my blog. Actually, Aus is another blogger whom I have not yet met in person. I think he found our blog while we were traveling in China, linking to us from another blog that I frequent. I believe some of my comments to this mutual "blogger friend" prompted him to check us out here at The Gang's All Here! I'm not sure, to this day, if my comments incensed or inspired him, but he shows up around here almost every time I post. His comments are encouraging, empathetic, and often very informative. I have thoroughly enjoyed our interactions, and his blog (written equally by he and his wife) is an interesting perspective on parenting and seeking God's will for their family.

One interesting thing that you need to know is that Aus and his wife have successfully raised three biological children to adulthood and are now raising two little girls whom they have recently adopted from China. Although I often feel as if we are "starting over" with a 7-year gap between our Baby BlueEyes and Li'l Empress, this couple REALLY has started over. At a time when most couples their age would be winding down the brunt of their daily parental duties, they heeded the call of God on their lives and opened their hearts and their home to their new daughters. Currently, they are seeking the Lord for His Will concerning yet another adoption! I highly encourage you to check out their story. It's a great read!

So, Aus (and Mrs. Aus), thanks for your regular commentary here on my blog. I'm so glad you hopped through the links to follow our journey. I have learned a lot from your parenting experiences and I really appreciate your encouragement and support along the way.

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Aus said...

Well - am I flattered or what? We love you guys too! Marie is also a loyal fan - but doesn't comment much - I guess I just talk more than she does?

Ya'll are cool - and like many folks we have met here on the blogs through all our various adoption journeys - we are glad to consider you friends. We've come to learn that adoptive families really do understand 'all being in this together' - we all have something of an 'innate understanding' of what building family is about....and being family centered is one of the things that will help re-build our communities back to what they once were.

You are funny - have a refreshing outlook on life - write well - call it like it is - and you cook good too! :> Why wouldn't we read?

Many thanks friend - we're honored and glad to know you - and at the risk of sounding like teletubbies - 'big hugs'

aus and co.