Monday, February 16, 2009

No Hands But Ours

No Hands But Ours

I'm so excited to tell you that The Gang's adoption story has been added to the list of family stories on the site, called No Hands But Ours. If you remember, several months ago I shared with you about the launching of this site. It's serving as a clearing house of sorts: sharing stories, resources, links and other helpful information to parents in the special needs adoption community. It's an honor to be included in this group of moms who are working so hard to change the lives of children all over the world. Some of the stories here will make you weep with the awesome power of love and Our Father's incredible attention to the details of each story. He is mighty to save and each of these stories proclaim that clearly!

To find our story, go to the "Family Stories" link. Because we were so recently added, we are right at the top for now. If our story doesn't pop up quickly, search on the left sidebar by clicking on "Microtia" and you should find us there. You can also search by blog name if you choose.

While you are there, won't you consider dropping an email to the gals who run the site and let them know what you think of this new venture? I'm sure they could use the encouragement of the Body of Christ!


ComfyDenim said...

Oh!! What fun!
Your adoption story is fun to read. (It still is) and Now the world can read it. :-) You will tell others about the wonder of your God.

Exciting Stuff!!

Salzwedel Family said...

How wonderful to hear your story again. God is so amazing and I'm thankful He led you to your precious girl.

Cindi Campbell said...

How beautiful. I loved this site . Cindi

a Tonggu Momma said...

As one who does a bit to help the Amazing Stefanie, I just wanted to say thanks so much for sharing your story!!! I know it will bless others greatly.

Stefanie said...

You ROCK, girl!! Thanks so much for spreading the word about No Hands But Ours! And the Lil' Empress is too cute up there at the top :) I'll keep your story up there the weekend... she's perfect to top the page for Valentine's Day!

Aus said...

Hey - wow where do I start...maybe with a Thanks for sharing your journey there! And maybe as a guy who is literally half deaf (my loss is bi-lateral however) too - thanks for having the guts to step up and bring your daughter home to her family! Oh - and living in Cincinnati - home to the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center - I'll agree to disagree with you about which facility is 'best'!

Blessings and lots of hugs -

aus and co.

julie said...

I loved your adoption story. Beautiful. I pray more families will be led to adopt these wonderful children.

Kimberly said...

I read your family story the other day but just now thought to tell you-- it was just wonderful. Beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing your heart and your story!!

BTW, one of my favorite stories from our trip to China is how DH, AK and I got to meet you, your hubs and Lil' Empress as we strolled around Shamian Island. It was so cool to meet a bloggy friend in real life, and especially at such an amazing time for our families! Wow. :-) Another month home already!!