Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feeling Crabby Today!

Li'l Empress woke us at 4:45 a.m., restless from the sounds of the howling winds. Baby BlueEyes came in and slept on the floor by my side of the bed at 5 a.m. Shaggy couldn't sleep so he got up early to take a shower. (I know, how WEIRD is that?!) Li'l Empress failed to ever fall back into deep sleep and spent the next few hours whimpering and occasionally crying out. As a result she and I have spent most of this morning crabby with each other and stumbling around the house with our eyes at half-mast.

Finally, at 11 a.m. I couldn't take it any more. I bundled her up and headed to the grocery store that borders my neighborhood. It was 1/2 hour venture, mostly just a chance to get out and interact with someone who wasn't whining at me OVER NOTHING IN PARTICULAR! Plus, we needed formula and salad for dinner tonight. Before I left, I called in an order to the Chinese restaurant in the same plaza as the grocery store. They have a wonderful lunch special with very generous portions and I needed some fried rice.

Apparently, so did Li'l Empress. She ate all the pineapple that came with my entree, more than 1/2 of the pork-fried rice (onions and all!); and she STILL managed to suck down more than 1/2 of her bottle. That's after eating 1/3 of a turkey and cheese breakfast omelet! I am happy to report that she is sleeping soundly in her crib, bundled up like a little caterpillar in its cocoon, with the humidifier up high to block the sounds of the 50 mph gusts outside her window. And with a little Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi in me, I'm feeling like myself again. A slightly caffeinated version of myself, but who's gonna complain about that today?!

And if those diversionary tactics weren't enough to thwart a Mommy-Daughter melt-down, this delightful snippet surely would have done the trick. (In case this link doesn't work, and it just might not!, you are looking for the Thursday, Feb. 12th posting called "Always Check Your Children's Homework.")

I'm just glad I swallowed the Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi before I read it. That would have really made me crabby :)


Leslie said...

Let me tell you we had those same winds yesterday. And if your tomorrow's weather is to be anything like ours today, you are in for a REAL TREAT! Beautiful sunshine, 60 degrees plus. As for the LilEmpress's mood, S has that same mood today?! Wish I could have enjoyed some fried rice with you! :)

ComfyDenim said...

What a day you had.
I'm glad for the Pepsi. :-) I like Diet Coke from Sonic, myself, for days like those. :-) You did good!!

While you're at it - don't forget to just announce that you live in the Bahamas. :-D

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Lots of people are blogging about the wind today. We had the same problems with sleeping. Except the baby because he can barely hear.

I love fried rice! I didn't know until a year ago that there was a fried egg in it.

julie said...

I hate those early morning wake ups. Ugh. Thanks for the link. That was hysterical.