Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Game Review

Recently, I won a Build-A-Bear game for the Wii gaming system. I was elated: the older boys had spent Christmas money stocking up on "boy games," replete with Lego light-saber violence and football madness. The little ones were easily frustrated by the complicated maneuvers that these games required. It made for some ugly debates about what to do on Family Nights.

From the moment that package arrived, we have been entranced! (At least, those of us who are easily amused by bright and shiny colors and adorable stuffed animals come-to-life have been entranced!) So far, everything I've experienced about this game is delightful. The music is light and cheery. The choice of animals is varied. The narrator's accent is lilting and lovely in its British tones. The directions are simple to understand and easy to execute. The plots of each little adventure are fun and the challenge of unlocking puzzle pieces hasn't lost its intrigue yet. I am the least gaming person you are ever likely to meet, here in the blogosphere or in person, yet I still found my game time fun and not too stressful or inane at all. Yes, I said inane. I, for the life of me, do not see how people can spend hours upon hours playing a game on a tv or monitor. I find it numbing. Except when I'm riding a pogo stick through the Build-A-Bear countryside, dodging shrubbery and jumping over roadblocks. Then it's all good. Really. It inspired not just a couple giggles from all of us to watch me ride. I mean, to watch my bear ride.

I haven't played the game yet in both modes, as my LadyBug really wanted me (I mean my bear!) to participate with her cute little bunny in the Adventure mode. But I've had the pleasure of watching my kids and my niece and nephew have a barrel of fun in the Playground mode. And I did get over to the "store" to deck myself, I mean my bear, out in a snazzy little outfit earned with my winnings in the wild dash on the pogo stick. I rocked that little number, I must say. I mean, my bear rocked her outfit. Sorry, got a little caught up in the excitement. I can't help it really, it's contagious every time the game is on. The music draws me in, the narrator lulls me to deep and easy breathing, and that pogo stick calls me. It calls me. I mean, it calls my bear. Yeah. My bear.

So, thank you to 5 Minutes for Giveaways for the great game package. We are loving the sweet innocence of the Build-A-Bear for Wii and the giggles it elicits are all music to my ears!


Aus said...

Well good morning - and like they say in the movies "I'm bbbbaaaacccckkkk'! We aren't Wii'ers - but it looks like a ton of fun - like you I am amused by 'simple things'!

hugs - aus and co.

Say Anything said...

We are saving, as a family, for Mario Kart right now. Although Huckleberry is having a hard time convincing the girls to part with their money. I was just thinking this morning, that I need to get online and find out what games are good for younger girls - and then I opened my bloglines and found YOU! Thanks! I think the girls will be so excited! Thanks for your E-Card - it made us all giggle.

TCKK said...

Hey that sounds like one maybe even I could play!

Have fun1

Trish said...

Sounds adorable! We're hoping to be a Wii family by this Christmas. :)

heidi @ ggip said...

That sounds really really fun!