Friday, September 19, 2008


Baby BlueEyes, Aidan loves the pink
light-up toothbrush you guys picked out for her :)

We've been in contact with our doc at CHOP all morning and with her consent, we are going to try and ride it out here by doing the saline nose drops, steam showers as needed, and Benadryl a few times a day. We feel fairly confident that it's a head cold and are treating it as such. Please keep praying and we'll keep you updated.

It's been a hard 24 hours, as the homesickness is setting in. Sleep deprivation and sensory overload is weighing on us also. Add to that Li'l Miss Stuffy Nose and I'm finding myself near tears too frequently. We took a quick walk out to the local KFC for take-out lunch and faced with all Chinese writing and no familiar pictures of my favorite fast food, I had to turn away to stem my tears. I hate that! And on the walk back, I caught a pick-pocket going after Todd's cell phone, apparently after finding nothing of interest in the camera bag, which was open too. I yelled at the pickpocket (out of character for me in a public place) and teared up again.

We plan to spend the rest of the day hanging out here at the hotel, reading and napping and watching bad HBO and time-delayed CNN. We may treat ourselves to the Western buffet in the hotel tonight also. I brought along Pastor Dave's new book, Hope Beyond Reason, and it's been really ministering to me. Someone, please share that with him. Additionally, I am so grateful for all the work Shaggy did to load up my iPod with great tunes. I spent yesterday's nap listening to my favorite hymns and felt refreshed and built up. Our Bibles were too heavy to bring, so The Boss's iPod daily casts will have to suffice. I'll be soaking some of that in this afternoon also. As I was typing this out, my precious darling said "MaMa" for the first time. Whether she knows what she's saying or not, I'm taking it as a gift from My Father, reassuring me that I'm in His hands. She spent the next 15 minutes before her nap, babbling "MaMa" and giving us that little scrunchy-nose smile. Thank you, Lord!

Thanks for your prayers. I'll share the adventures of last night's dinner at the dumpling house soon. Be warned, the pictures will be of tasty treats :)


julie said...

Saying prayers for your sweet girl.

Brittany Ray said...

Hello Guys,

Bayley and I are praying that Aidan will feel better soon. We too are very homesick, and we understand the tears that come with stress. Hang in there. See you in a few days.

Sending our love,
Brittany, Bayley, and Addie

A Beautiful Mess said...

you will feel lots better when you get to GZ.

hope baby girl is feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Good morning Guys its Aunt GA so sorry to hear about Aidan my prayers are for with all of you he brought you this far so you have to make it home safe ,,TRUST IN THE LORD HE WILL SEE YOU THROUGH
besides you have to have Uncle Ch meat balls xoxo tc love you hurry home

Grandpa said...
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Aus said...

Hey Gang - Prayers for the little one to sleep better - sleep deprevation and I are old friends!

When you get to GZ there is a little place on Shaiman Island (where are you staying?) a block or two from the Victory that has western medicine left by other adoptive families available ONLY to adoptive travelers. You should be able to find everything from Cipro to cough syrup.

Hang in there - we're pulling for and praying for all ya'll!

aus and family

Mervy said...

Hey T! We are praying for all of you here. We're praying for the Lil' Empress for a quick recovery. The head colds are abounding in the states too. Rest up and enjoy the time you have there. When you get back, routine and life will go on...but for now, enjoy the sites, the sounds...the smells. Get your rest. May God allow you all to enjoy this time. Love ya. Mervy

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Aidan makes dental hygiene so cute!Sorry you guys are so homesick. I know it is tough being away from the kids. I hope the next couple of days fly by for you all.


Jonni, John & Sofia said...

P.S. I know things will be better when you get to Guangzhou, it is a lot more Americanized. I had a tough time in Sofia's province since it was so remote.


Anonymous said...

Glad it's just a cold - sleep deprivation really stinks. I pray that she will continue to get better. VB

Our Journey to Rachel said...

Oh, I'm sad to hear that your baby girl is sick. I will be sure to pray that she will get better soon!

The Crist's

Carol said...

GZ is where you want to be...felt a lot like Florida to us....
sending a hug, and hoping things get better quick.........

Grandpa said...

We'll be praying for you guys here at home! Only one more week!!! Grandma is ready for Judah's Bday tomorrow - lots of cake (Eagles theme) and ice cream. I'll do my "parts" tonight. We're taking the kids to an RC field for "Kids Fly Day" this morning. They may actually get to fly a model. The pool is still blue!

Lots of love from home,

September 20, 2008 8:17 AM

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