Monday, September 15, 2008

"Until Today"

Today, you get a special treat. The Boss is guest blogging here at "The Gang's All Here!" in anticipation of our first meeting of Aidan. Now, only about 3 hours away. This is why I love this man. He willingly took on this dream, fully embraced it and led our whole family together toward the realization of it. I am honored that he chose this occasion to share his heart here, for you my readers, but most importantly for his daughter. Before he even meets her.

To my precious new baby girl,

We've been separated for what seems like a lifetime, only a dream in your mommy and daddy's heart... until today. We have spent years imagining what it would be like to hold you and kiss you and shower our affection upon you. You've been solely in our hearts, minds and imaginations... until today.

So much preparation, so much prayer, so much excitement, so much time and now we arrive at this perfect and God-appointed moment to meet you, our sweetheart. Strangers to one another... until today.

As we entered your country 4 days ago, your mommy and I were so excited to finally be here and be closer to you. Foreigners in a country in which you were born but knowing that God had a plan for our lives to intersect. Foreigners to one another... until today.

We now only have 3 small hours to wait for you. As I write this, you are getting ready to leave the only place you know as home. Those who have loved you are getting you up, dressing you, feeding you, making you laugh, helping to comfort you so you're not scared. God provided these precious people to take care of you. The only ones who were able to love you in person... until today.

I am so excited to introduce you to your new mommy. She loves you so much. Watching her loving you from a distance; only knowing you from a few short pages and 5 pictures and yet fully loving you. I love to see her heart of love and compassion for you. You are getting a great mommy; the best, in fact. You don't know her, sweetie... until today.

Today, today, today... what a day! You've been ours even before we knew you. You've been ours the last 2 months. But today we meet you, our love. Today we wrap our arms around you. Today we begin to introduce you to the love of your true Father and are so glad that we have that privilege. You don't know your Father in heaven yet but He's been protecting you and watching over you. We can't wait for you to know Him and experience His saving grace. We haven't had the chance to begin showing His love to you... until today!

We're coming for you, honey. Today is a wonderful day.



Salzwedel Family said...

I am now sobbing & having a good old ugly cry.

Praise God you are going to get your girl. I am praying for her heart & yours.

Wendy said...

This posting brought tears to my eyes! You don't know me as I ran across your blog sometime ago and have never commented, but I was so touched by those heartfelt, eloquent words, I had to leave a comment. How happy I am for your family and how lucky you all are to have each other. Congratulations.

Kateri said...

Ok, so now that The Boss has us all crying....let us all grab a tissue or two and finish praying for them!
Maybe we should all let T and the Boss know how many of us are waiting not so patiently while they go get Aidan. Even if you haven't left a comment before, why don't you leave a quick one tonight, just letting them know that you are out there.
When we were in China, I had over 800 hits on my blog the day we got our daughter. I'm sure there weren't 800 people following our story but it would have been fun to know if T was the only one stalking my blog or if there were other kind souls praying for us:) Consider leaving them a quick little "Hi ya from the USA!" Come on...just this once:)
I'll start....Sending my love and prayers from Delaware!! Can't wait to see Aidan in your arms!

Kamandemmi said...
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The Gang's All Here! said...

I'm sending prayers your way as well. The Boss had me quite teary-eyed as I try to type these well wishes. I am soooooooooooooo EXCITED for you. Just so you know all is well here and we all are waiting for your return with your new princess! Would you mind if there were some well wishers at the airport? Just checking!

Kathy (kamandemmi)

(edited to remove identifiers)

Our Journey to Rachel said...

Hi there!

Wow, what a wonderful momento for your daughter. I can't wait to see the post of your "gotcha day!" I'm so glad we met you all and that we are able to follow your journey. God is so good! Savor every moment!

Love and Blessings,
Sherry & Family

Kempers said...

YEAH!! One hour!!! I can't wait to see pictures! Don't forget to take lots of if I even have to say this. :-)

I can't believe I'm going to bed soon and it's THE DAY there. Enjoys your day. I'll check the blog tomorrow morning. Can't wait

Anonymous said...

Honey, we don't want to go to bed until we see our new granddaughter. I will be on the blog at the crack of dawn. I'm sure her brothers and sister will be too. Our son-in-law is such a gift as well. How happy and blessed we are. Love GramO & GrampO

Mama Moose said...

Oh goodness, I am just so excited for you! What a wonderful letter for a sweet girl from her Daddy!
BTW, as I type this, you are 1 hour away from that sweet girl, the Eagles are playing AND they are winning! Wahoo! :)I hope it stays that way, seriously, how can it get better than that? Winning team and a daughter? :)
You are in my prayers, as always.
Much love from Maddie's Mama (a fellow Shaanxi girl!)

Classic MaMa said...

I can't talk now. I need to find a tissue.

mylittlenest said...

My brother, you brought me to tears. How sweet your words are for Aidan. I have no doubt God chose you especially for Aidan. I can't wait to see what God is going to do in her life, and yours!

Edwards in FL said...

How God brings us together to grow with each other and then sends us out to take his love to the ends of the earth. The Edwards in FL have been watching and praying from afar. We are both sooo excited and over joyed for you, and envious at the same time. Our own adoption journey is still very new next to yours. Being able to share this moment with you has re-energized me to press in again. We know you will love her and value her and walk with her into the life her Father has destined for her. Enjoy every second! We can't wait to share in those first seconds.

All our love,

Elissa said...

There is nothing like the love of a father! I can't wait to see pictures of him with Aidan. HINT HINT!!! :) It's Tuesday morning, China time and WE'RE DYIN' OVA HEA!!!! :)

Sharla said...

Hi...I'm one of the lurkers, but I need to come out of hiding and say that is the most beautiful, heartfelt post that I've read in a long time! As I read it, I could imagine that our Heavenly Abba Father feels much the same way everytime a "heavenly adoption" is completed!

Thank you for sharing your heart so beautifully and for giving us a glimpse of the Father's heart...I look forward to following the rest of your journey.

Many blessings,

Amanda said...

What a beautiful look into a daddy's heart :~) Congratulations on getting your sweet baby girl. Praying the day is a beautiful blessing for you all.

Promises Fulfilled said...

As I write this, you are meeting Aidan - or have met her! The Boss wrote such a touching letter that I know will be cherished by Aidan forever.

Tears, once again, well up. I am looking forward to hearing how everything has gone for you. According to the time on your blog post - as you posted this, my family was praying for you and your family - pretty neat.

Have a blessed day with your new baby girl!

Mervy said...

Ok - so by now, you're holding your little girl in your arms...I am praying for you all...believing this is going to be one of the most memorable moments in your life. Love you both. God bless you both.

BuzzKnitter said...

as I read this, you are together. my heart is swelling at the thought of you and the Boss hugging and kissing that dear baby! and I'm sending up a little prayer of thankfulness for everything that has led you to this very moment.

love and prayers from Pa... :)

Mervy said...

Just want you to know you are missing one heck of a football game...oh well, I guess there might be something more important...Go COWBOYS!

Aus said...

Well said Baba - and may you have many many years to celebrate that love!

aus and family

VikingClanEnMass said...

Hey, Boss, that's so sweet! You have a way with words...You should print that out! We're glad you're a part of our family!
God bless!

Norma said...

She got a good Daddy too.
You are in our prayers.

Jessica said...

Does your blogs always have to make me cry. That is the sweetest think I have ever written. My heart is in joy for you both.

Anonymous said...

OK Todd. So I, who never cry, had to practically pull out the tissues! I have Helen with me and we are so moved my your expression of love for your new daughter. sniff sniff. Who know you were this poetic. Second career, maybe? Anyway, I will continue to pray for your reunion and safe passage home. VB (Virginia Bird)

Greg's Wife said...

Did anyone read this post without crying? I think not! What sweet words from her daddy! I am THRILLED to tears for you guys. Praise God!

TCC said...

I know I'm late in commenting. I'm catching up on your blog. That was just so precious! You're making me cry!!!