Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's Official!

At last, it's official in the eyes of the Shaanxi provincial government. Aidan Hope BoNing is ours!

We left the hotel this morning to hurry up and wait at the local Civil Affairs office, where we met Aidan yesterday. The director of the orphanage, Mr. Wang (pronounced Wahng) met us there with his wife and one of Aidan's nannies from the orphanage. I felt sad for Aidan because she didn't seem to know what to do with the fact that these sweet people kept smiling at her and beckoning to her to "come." And all she really wanted to do was stay in Baba's arms. They were very sweet and understanding and all got a real kick out of watching her play with him. Even funnier to them was when she kept leaning in for me and then leaning in for Daddy when I had her. She definitely likes getting reactions out of people and if she can make them laugh, she is ALL OVER that behavior.

On the left, Mr. Wang and on the right, one of Aidan's caretakers at the orphanage. We learned today that she was in foster care from April till two weeks ago. It's obvious to us that this orphanage and the foster mother modeled loving relationships for Aidan. We are so grateful for that!

Once the official got in for the appointment (late!) we had an official interview where he asked us about our home, our family, our desire to adopt, and our ability to care for 5 children, given her special medical needs. He seemed satisfied with our answers and commented that it's obvious we have a great love for Wang, Bo Ning and that he can tell she will have a wonderful loving home to grow in. He has NO idea!

We took the vow to never abandon or abuse her and to be mindful of the laws of China regarding adoption of abandoned orphans. Then we went to the hot and humid lobby to wait some more. This time it was for the passport photos and the official adoption certificate with our first "family" photo (minus my other four sweeties!).

We tumbled into the waiting van to be driven to the Provincial Security offices where The Boss held Aidan up for another passport photo and our guide Jo ran to the bank for the wire transfers of monies to the orphanage donations and provincial paperwork fees. At that point, the Li'l Empress was getting cranky and I think the other waiting customers got a giggle out of watching us try to prepare a bottle from a backpack and a thermos. I know they sure got a giggle out of her resounding burps that came after the first 4 ounces!

Poor Jo (our awesome adoption facilitator), on the way back into the van, she smacked her head ridiculously hard on the opening of the van door and really hurt herself. She wept quietly while I prayed silently and offered her some acetaminophen for the pain. She finally took me up on the offer later in the errands. I'm hoping she's okay - it was a seriously hard hit.

From there, we headed to a local supermarket. It was several stories tall and super clean and organized. Both stores, W*lM*rt and this one, had staff swarming everywhere cleaning shelves and dusting and mopping. When is the last time you saw one of the employees in your neighborhood grocer completely empty a shelf to wipe it down with steaming water and cleanser, then dry it and re-stock it? I don't know about you, but even my beloved G!*nt has never been caught by me in such an act of cleanliness.

We purchased more formula (cuz you know, this girl eats!) and some other little necessities to help the week pass more cheaply and comfortably. We also bought a cute little noisemaker phone for Aidan, so she can call her jie jie and gu gu's to say Ni Hao! She charmed every clerk we passed with her scrunchy nose smile and backward waves.

Finally (can you believe we did all this by noon?!) we headed "home" to put Aidan down for her nap. Please pray for her cute-ems: she's not adjusting to the AC in the hotel very well and is stuffy and runny today. We've started her on saline nasal drops and are checking her temp. frequently. It's not uncommon, but I hate that it's bothering her. Once she went down, The Boss ran out for Big Macs but forgot to order "no onions and no lettuce" - so pray for us all! We were famished and the price couldn't be beat. I scraped most of my veggies off but The Boss toughed it out. We were warned not to eat any fresh fruits or veggies (except bananas and maybe watermelon) and absolutely NO ice. Guess what else The Boss forgot to say when ordering our drinks? I skipped the drinks and stuck to my bottled water. He's asleep right now, so we'll see if he suffers any ill-effects.

I've tried to nap, but with all my racing thoughts and fervent prayers over my new child, my family in the US and my blogging friends who also were united with their babies, I didn't have much success. I'm particularly burdened to pray for this family ( They are in an excruciating situation. We are members of the same special needs forum and had been chatting on-line for weeks about our coinciding trips, planning a face-to-face meet up in Guangzhou (where all US adoptive parents end their China travel). Suffice it to say, they are in crisis mode with their intended daughter and are seeking God for a miracle. Please, please. Pray for this family. She was a great source of encouragement to me during our long and crazy ride to Aidan and I'm honored that she reached out to me and others for support and prayers now.

Well, it sounds like our beauty is waking from her nap. Time to fix another bottle (I WILL get the hang of this schedule and the novelty of making bottles! I am determined!) It's almost "waking up time" there on the East Coast and I wish all of my loved ones a glorious morning. We miss you more than words can say here. Thank you for the love and support. We couldn't do this without you.


Shaggy said...

I'm a big brother! (again)

Maybe we can celebrate with Chinese food! (again)

Love you and miss you.


Kateri said...

I just can't get over her cuteness! Looks like you guys are having a great time getting to know each other.
Prayers continue to come your way and for the other family. I got an email yesterday with the link to their blog. Had no idea that you "knew" them. They have been on my heart and mind since I read their story.
Take care!!

Proud Grandpa said...

Shaggy already hinted at it - we had Chinese food for dinner last night to celebrate the new little Gang member's arrival into the family. All's well here at home.

Love, Grandpa/Dad

VikingClanEnMass said...

Good morning from the EastCoast! Glad to see everything is official now. Been praying for the other family, too. I put them on our church's prayer chain, so I know there are others praying as well. Sounds like you are settling in well with the routine.
Hope the onions, lettuce and ice don't hit like Montezuma's revenge!
I loved seeing Shaggy, Dr. D, and LadyBug's comments! Hi to them and congrats on being big siblings! (again!)
I hear ya on the Chinese food! (again!) ...will be right over!
Hi to grandparents who are hanging with them and the rest of the fam far and away!
Love to all!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you! Your little precious one looks wonderful and I am relieved that you are doing so well. Jo is a wonderful guide, isn't she? Tell her hi from the Alkemas and that Jairus is doing well!
Aiden was worth the wait, right?

ComfyDenim said...

Oh, the thrill of it all!!
Just awesome!

Kempers said...

Your schedule make me tired just reading it. I can't believe all that was before noon. Maybe I should go back to bed. i'm sleepy! Mmm...chinese food...we could all take a class so we can properly prepare food for Aidan on her Gotcha Day next year. Taking the kids for haircuts later on, as long as that works with their schedule. I promise nothing too drastic for Shaggy! The kids and Paul and I say Hi, we're praying for you and looking forward to next Saturday. Sleep tight!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yipee we're grandparents again. She is a blessed number 13. I have an excellent Chinese cookbook and will try out some new goodies in her honor. We also love to hear from Aidan's siblings - they are going to be wonderful big brothers and sister to her. They'll teach her everything they know....hmmm. We love you all and have been bathing this in prayer. Love GramO & GrampO

Salzwedel Family said...

Praise God it's official!

Becki said...

Today is our official GOTCHA DAY, following your journey brings back so may memories. Congratulations on your forever family!

Heather Thompson said...

Congrats on everything being "official"!!! She is just amazing and I love seeing your family together:) Just gotta love the scrunchy nose!!! Too cute!

Mervy said...

YEAH - no double-YEAH! BIG OL' TRIPPPPPLE YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! I'm working on a great lasagna for your return with lots of gooooeeey cheese and ricotta (in Shaggy's honor) - low-fat of course ;) I can't wait to see you all and hear all the China stories and love on your little one...praying for you guys - enjoy your bonding time.

Aus said...

Sorry I didn't get to comment the last couple days - the 'leftovers' from Ike bullseyed our town Sunday electric and communications have been scarce!

Ya'll just seem to be doing GREAT - love to see the joy on everybody's faces - so happy for you guys! Oh - and congratulations on the newest gang member!

aus and family

Anonymous said...

Sooo happy for you guys. Can't wait until you are all together as a clan! What a wonderful journey...a dream come true! You are in our thoughts and prayers.


Carol said...

Hubby was "forgetting" the rules too and made me out as crazy for taking the pepto everyday....well guess what....I never once got sick.......hubby got very sick for 24 hours only thank goodness..

BuzzKnitter said...

oh, we LOVE official!! this is getting more exciting by the day!

and i'm loving the comments from the other Gang members... it's so awesome to see that they are as excited as you are!

looking forward to more pics/stories about that little princess! :)

JanBug said...

Wow! So great to see the pics and get to experience a slice of what you are experiencing. We are so happy for you and your family, and especially for this precious, little girl.
I remember when she was a glimmer in your hearts almost 20 years ago & it's so wonderful how the Lord brought you (and her) to this wonderful moment in time that will bring so much joy to your family & so much glory to our Heavenly Father.
He joys to see you so happy and fulfilled. We joy with you.
His timing is perfect & His hand was on her from the beginning -- no matter what twists and turns the journey took.
May God bless you...


Anonymous said...

FYI-just saw on the news that there was formula in China that was tainted w/ chemicals and sickened hundreds of babies. Don't know if it's the stuff you are using...

Heidi @ GGIP said...

YAY! YAY! YAY! She looks so cute in that pink and brown outfit!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shaggy and Dr.D this is Joshua N. I just wanted to congradulate you guys (that goes for Ladybug and BBE too)on your new baby sister. I bet you're all excited about her and can't wait to see her. Well that's all I wanted to say.
Love, Joshua N.
(p.s.,Hi Mr. and Mrs.W)

Anonymous said...

Hey Gang!
It's Jacob N. I just wanted to congradulate you guys and your new baby sister (and daughter)! Shaggy come on admit it... you love chinese food and you would use any excuse to eat it. I'm looking forward to seeing your new member of the family.
Jacob N.

Jonni, John & Sofia said...
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Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Sounds like everything is going well. Glad Aidan is doing so great and I hear you about the bottle preparing on the run, no easy feat huh? By the end of the 6th day we were even changing Sofia's diapers in the middle of the department stores. Now that's something you would never do at home (lol). The funny thing is no one even seemed to think it was odd. The bathroom was really yucky.

I am praying for Susannah. I just read their blog. Luckily, it looks like she is getting better. It just breaks my heart what that poor baby and her family have gone through.


Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Sorry I deleted my comment above the comment I just left because I was typing too fast and misspelled Aidan's name.