Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Princess in the Making

Remember that gorgeous room re-do that we did for LadyBug earlier in the summer? Well, I think I have finally figured out the source of LadyBug's growing feeling that she is, indeed, a princess. And that she deserves to be treated as royalty.

This is an issue we've been dealing with for many years. Being the only girl (well, that should resolve itself shortly!) and being smack in the middle of three "boys will be boys" brothers, she has become accustomed to a bit of pampering. A bit of special treatment. Mostly by The Boss, as he will freely and gleefully admit. Recently, the Daddy's girl treatment has escalated. Has started to be expected. Sometimes even demanded. In her ever-so-pretty and usually lady-like, adorable manner. Special whims are catered to a little more frequently. Likes and dislikes become more pronounced. In short, her inner diva is coming to the surface.

In fact, we were just explaining to the grandparents last night at dinner that she has a couple of food issues that we're trying to train her to be more flexible about. We struck a deal that she could turn her nose up at boxed mac n' cheese whenever she wanted, but that she should not expect special menus the other times that Grandma is cooking. For these 16 days, we agreed that she doesn't have to eat eggs IF the rest of the time she could help by being Miss Flexibility.

Now, I'm trusting all you dear readers to not share the following information with LadyBug. What follows is a light bulb moment for me, that I am sure my sweet little LadyBug will exploit to its fullest potential if she catches wind of it. So please, if you are unable to promise this confidentiality to me, stop reading NOW!

Grandma and Grandpa moved in last night. We gave them our bedroom, emptying drawers and closet space for them to allow them to feel fully at home. The Boss and I invited LadyBug and Baby BlueEyes to have a slumber party with us on the floor of LadyBug's room. The Boss and I slept in LadyBug's bed.

This bed is, I am confident, the source of the princess/diva escalation. I think it is the most comfortable, plush, sink-my-weary bones, and envelope-my-ever-livin'-soul, bit o' mattress heaven on Earth that I have ever experienced. In. My. Life. Ever. After the night of deep restful and luxurious sleep that I just experienced, I'm feeling a little royal today!

But please, don't tell LadyBug that I said any of this. If she hears of it, I will never be able to convince her that she is not related to the Queen of England. She'll never believe me when I tell her that she is not a real princess. I'm having a hard time believing it myself.


Salzwedel Family said...

My lips are sealed...

Handwoven Dreams said...

Best Wishes! Take care and have Fun!

I look forward to following your journey!


Carol said...

just wanted to say "Have a wonderful safe trip!" before you left out of here!!!!

Are you jumping up and down????

Heidi @ GGIP said...

How funny. I know what you mean about their taking a bit of license though!

Hope you have a great trip!!!!!

Kevin and Violet said...

Soak up that sleep now. You're going to need it. ;) Hope you guys have a great time! Shoot us some tips about Shaanxi if you uncover any must-know information (and if you have the time. LOL).

We'll be following your journey.

Kevin and Violet

Esmarellda said...

Hey guys,
how exciting!!!!!!!!! We'll be praying for you all over the next few weeks!!!!!!!! Hopefully we'll get to see you soon.
Mike, Michelle and Channing

Amanda said...

Wow...maybe the Queen needs to get a new matress :~)

I've been watching as you get ready to go and I do hope you have a WONDERFUL trip with blessings galore.

Aus said...

So glad I read thru the comments on Margie's blog - you have a new loyal reader! Marie and I got back from GZ in 12/08 with our latest princess Braely Hua Xiong. So looking forward to following your journey and watching your family grow! You are in the air by now - fair winds and following seas!

aus and family

ingab said...

A funny story. I found your blog from somewhere else and look forward to following your journey. Thank you for sharing.

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Now that sounds like one cozy bed! Hope you have a most awesome trip my friend. Can't wait to see photos of Aidan in your arms!


VikingClanEnMass said...

We're all praying for safe and restful travel!
Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

I really want a mattress like that one! VB