Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Now This is More Like It!

After the crazy and slightly nauseating adventure of this morning, we got Aidan down for a long (late) nap and rested in the room with her. We got refreshed and recharged and headed down to the play room to let Li'l Empress burn off some energy. The play room, sponsored by Matel, is chock full of all kinds of great toys. Aidan was really excited by the majority of the toys, but by far and away she was most captivated by a Fisher Price toy that had mirrors, lights, music and a really good beat. That's my girl :) She's gonna love Mommy's iPod with Bose speaker docking station - at full blast when we dance together to David Cook, Keith Urban and Third Day. Throw in a little Josh Groban and Michael Buble for some class and my girl will be rockin' the house right along side of me!

Come on everybody, let's sing!

We met Brittany, Bayley and sweet Addie and walked to this great little Italian place for Wednesay's dinner. By then, the waters had receded back to their places. The rain had washed most of the debri off the streets. Shopkeepers were out in full force, drying their wares and luring in gullible travellers. The restaurant was crammed full of people, likely adoptive families like us, anxious to get out of their hotels after a long day. We heard earlier that the owner was a gentleman from Capri, Italy and that the food was very authentic. We heard right! All 6 of us thoroughly enjoyed the meal and it was really fun to be surrounded by families who were all celebrating their blessings right alongside of us. In fact, behind us was a group from Bethany Christian Services, including a couple from Lancaster County, not far from us. Turns out, we have a mutual friend, one sweet SH who has been faithful prayer and encouragement support to me during the long wait to Aidan. SH had told me to look for this couple, and until they introduced themselves after chatting about the Lord and all He's done for us, I had completely forgotten their names.

The famous White Swan, as viewed from the shopping thorough-fare

After dinner, we strolled back along the main shopping street. The thorough-fare looks like a tropical resort town, with beautiful architecture and iron scrollwork. It reminded The Boss and I of a long-ago trip to Tampa. The palm trees were swaying and the streets were bustling with tourists, adoptive families, and business people catching dinner after work. We stopped by an adorable little shop called the LadyBug and got an adorable two piece traditional red silk outfit for Aidan. Suitably royal for her royal cuteness, don't you think? We also stocked up on diapers and wipes, having found formula earlier in the gift shops of the hotel. Brittany and Bayley went off to find a new suitcase and we met them later for the traditional photo session on the red couches. I learned about this late in the game, but it seems that there is a tradition among guests at the White Swan to dress up their new children in traditional silks and pose for photos on the beautiful red couches. We couldn't figure out exactly which couch was "THE" couch, as the hotel lobbies are all equipped with red couches. So we chose the ones down by the play room in front of two gorgeous Chinese silk painted screens.

Pretty little Empresses

Hey, girl, gimme a high five!

We ended the evening quietly after parting ways with Brittany and her girls. They had some serious packing to do, as they had to leave the hotel at 5:30 a.m. to catch a flight to Hong Kong and then on to Newark. Please pray for them - they only had one hour in the huge HK airport to catch the flight to Newark and once in NJ, they have an 8 hour layover till they can get onward to Maine. That's a long, long 30+ hours with a toddler who has already experienced a ton of change this week and last. We haven't heard yet about how they did on the connection, but we should know soon. Our guide has offered to help us out with some alternatives, if that connector is too hard to make. There are some options we can work on.

While you are at it, pray for us - that same leg, minus the 8 hours in NJ will be US in just two days. I can't believe I just typed that! In two days, we will be on our way home, to the sweet arms of our gang. To our own soft beds and clean water. And to a steaming Tigger mug full of hot coffee with sugar-free hazelnut creamer. Oh, I can hardly wait!
Oh, and Uncle TS?
Happy First Day of Fall - belated.
I know I missed it. But I was, well,
in China and I've been a little busy :)
All you CCC'ers, make sure
Pastor T knows I gave
him a shout out here
with our traditional annual greeting :)


Dr. D. said...

It's good to know that she loves good music! That means she'll love my bands. I can see it now, Me and Aidan rockin out to Disciple and Skillet. I can't wait till you get home.

Dr. D

Our Journey to Rachel said...

Oh boy, you poor things! Gosh, I thought traveling very shortly after a huge earthquake was bad! I can't imagine what you have been through! I'm glad you made it through and I will continue praying for your safe trip to home. I love love the photos of Aidan. Her smile is truly contagious. May God keep you strong!

Sherry Crist

Betsy Bell said...

We had the same 1 hour in HK when we were there in July. I didn't think we would make it but we did (with three kids!). You need to move quickly and ask for directions to a desk where they will help you get everything done quickly.
Glad you're all doing well and the floods receded! Hope we can meet Aidan before too long!

Aus said...

I'll catch up comments on your last two here! First - Good on the Cipro - glad you had some - need more try that 'lady bug' you were at - I'm pretty sure that's the shop I was thinking of! Second - with that much water the 'concentration' of 'nasty's' was pretty low - that's the good news! Third - really glad you did the decon thing too! Last - that's for the picture of the 'north fork' of the Pearl - that's just a big bunch of water in that river!

The rest of your day was more like the time we spent on the Island - I hope that your last two days are much more relaxing and joyful!

And we'll pray for your continued health - and offer a few of thanksgiving for that beautiful child of yours - God is truely good!

aus and family

VikingClanEnMass said... cute! VikingBoy4 says, "oh, she's so cute!"

Kempers said...

You are almost home. Hang in there!!! Aidan's picture are very pretty! Can't wait to meet her

Kateri said...

I meant to tell you to stop in and see the folks at the Ladybug. They took care of our laundry and we borrowed a stroller from them and we bought a bunch of dresses from them. Soooo nice! And NOT PUSHY!!! We also got some of the gentleman's handpainted bookmarks. Did you see those outside on his table? They made nice but inexpensive gifts for this relative and that friend:)
I'm so glad that things are better. David couldn't believe the pics of the streets when I showed him. I just can't believe that you are getting ready to come home! PRAISE GOD! Bring that girl and her amazing momma and her fantastic daddy home!!!!!
Gosh, I miss you and your wit and your laugh out loud comments on my blog. Come home, pweeze:)

Carol said...

Ha Ha I have a Tigger mug too!!!

Love that little singing star!

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Can you believe only 2 days left??? Wow! What beautiful photos of Aidan and she looks so adorable in her red couch photo. I know that toy you are talking about in the playroom. Sofia has it and loved to dance in front of the mirror and sing into the microphone. We have all the songs memorized (lol).

Good luck to your friends, hope they make it out okay in HK. We had 2 hours and almost missed our flight. It was real close. We were last in line and the plane was overbooked. They would have to keep me from getting on that plane if they turned me away!!!! :)
Not too much longer until you get to see your other little darlings and introduce them to their new sister.


April Isaacs said...

I still can not get over the island flooding like that! That is unbelievable to me! I mean I believe you, it's just crazy!

Glad today was better. We ate at the Italian place too. Did everyone stand around and stare at you?

I will be praying for your trip home! I didn't think it was bad and I came home to no power:-)

Enjoy your last couple of days! And, for goodness sakes go get yourself at 90 minutes massage for about $10. Do you know where it is? If not, ask around. It's wonderful!!