Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gotcha Day!

I won't bore you with a lot of text. The story of the day can wait. I know why you are all here. And you will be so glad you came by!
We sat here in this building to wait, while Jo checked our documentation for verifications.
The bus from the orphanage was running a little late.

Not too sure about Mommy at first. She was sooooo hot and sweaty and her little heart was pounding against my racing heart. The last time I was this nervous was on my wedding day. And look where THAT got me! :)

Checking Daddy out. She was much calmer in his arms at first.
I know how she feels.
The Chinese word for Daddy is BaBa, and she says it very well.
And often. Melts me into a big puddle. Sigh.

While Baba signed paperwork, I offered her the treats the helpers had on hand.
Maybe Mommy isn't so bad after all!

Between hicuppy-gulps and cries, she kept peeking at me and drinking this baby milk.
By the time we left the Civil Affairs office she was completely calm and just staring at my face.
There's so much more to come. But she's finally asleep. The Boss and I are starved. And we're gonna try to nap while she does. Then we're treating ourselves to room service. And more blogging to share the rest of the fun pics of the day. You won't be disappointed! Let's just say, she is a Gang member, officially tomorrow, but we initiated her today . . .


MississippiZen said...

Oh ... what a wonderful day! I know you have been waiting for!!! What a great sight to see your little Aidan in your arms!!!! I can't wait to follow your journey as we get ready to end our China journey! You have so many blessings in store ... I can't wait to watch you experience them.

Sending you prayers and hugs across China,


Kateri said...

Well I wish I could start each morning with such amazing news! Oh, T, she's wonderful. She's perfect. She' beautiful. She looks well cared for! And you and The Boss seem to have won her over very quickly:) I told you that He was whispering in her ear!
What a cutie...a perfect fit for The Gang! I can't tell you how wonderful it is to see Aidan finally in your arms. What a dream come true. His plan unfolds. Your heart complete!!
Amazing! Just Amazing!
I can't wait for more. I'm so glad you're resting but I really can't wait for more. Gosh how I wish someone was video taping The Gang getting up this morning, running with the speed of light to the computer, and staring in awe at their new sister. They are going to Eat. Her. Up! She is going to be the most spoiled (with love) little baby on the planet.
Ok, enough, the shower is calling. Can't wait for more. Did I say that already?
Congratulations! I am over the moon excited for you:)
Much love!!

. said...

Awesome! Just Awesome! God is so good and has His hands all over this. You guys are so blessed! Im speechless!

A Beautiful Mess said...

It is sooo good to see you the two of you with your baby girl! What a road to her it has been!

safe and happy travels:)

Dr. D. said...

As soon as I woke up I ran down the stairs to check the blog. It's so exciting! She's finally ours! Can't wait till you bring her home. Tell her Dr. D loves her!

Dr. D

Mervy said...

Ok - I don't get all teary-eyed all that often, but Dr. D did it for me. I jumped up as soon as the alarm went off (not easy since I didn't go to bed until 1:00 pm from that unbelievably exciting football game) and had to see your gotcha. I had read "mississippizen"'s Gotcha Day and saw all the pics and the pics a few hours/days afterward and saw such a peaceful transformation in their daughter. It was def a God thing. Oh I am so happy for you both. She's beautiful!

Beverly said...

Well, thanks for the tears at 6 AM!!! I got up early to check it all out - I am so happy to see you three together at last. I am praying for a comfort for little A - you are truly God's gift to her - she is one lucky little girl.
Can't wait to hear all the details.
Love, Beverly

my new favortie blogging quote..

"Live for the moments that you can't write about!"

I think you are living one of those moments -- truly!

Kempers said...

BEAUTIFUL! I'm so excited! Can't wait to hear more and SEE MORE PICTURES. :-)

love you

mylittlenest said...

CONGRATULATIONS! She's too adorable, even with the tears. Happy Bonding! Love ya. Robin.

Natalie said...

What a sweeeeeet day for The Gang. She is so beautiful and even more so in your arms. I've raced to my computer every morning to read about your China adventures, but today all I wanted to see was pictures of your family together at last. You're right...you didn't disappoint.

How wonderful that you get to experience her homeland and relate all the sights and sounds to her as she grows up. What a special trip this has been.

Thanks for sharing every step of the way with your readers. I'm always a sucker for a good adoption story and this one is even better b/c I know someday I'll get to meet your sweet Aidan in person.

Enjoy these precious days!

Anonymous said...

She's oh so cute. God's gift to your family and the larger clan. We love her already. GramO & GrampO

Proud Grandpa said...

Fantastic! After seeing the pictures and getting the phone call this morning, all of us here at home are really looking forward to you bringing the new little Gang member home. Grandma and I are anxious to hold our new little granddaughter. She sure is a cutie!

Anonymous said...

I haven't had a chance to write, till I got the boys off to school but Joshua & Jacob wanted to see if their buddy, Dr. D, got his baby sister yet,so we checked out the blog earlier this morning! They were so excited so to see her too! Were praying for peace for that lil one and a very special bonding time for the 3 of you! These are the memories that last a lifetime!!! Can't wait to check later for more pictures!!!
Love you guys!
Crystal N.

Salzwedel Family said...

I'm speechless...what a beautiful union!

Aus said...

Oh there just aren't words - and your're right - rest when you can or when your 'allowed'!

great joy in Cincy

aus and family

ladybug said...

I can't wate for you to come home.It's so exciting! I coud here her in the backround while I was talking to you.She's finally ours!I love you:).

VikingClanEnMass said...

Woo hoo! Congrats to you both, beautiful!! More pictures, more pictures, please!

Melissa said...

Hurray! I'll bet it almost feels surreal!

Ashley said...

Todd and Tracy!

She is beautiful! I am so happy you have Aidan in your arms! Wait till she is home with all of her brothers and sister!! She will be spoiled right away!

Have a safe trip and give Miss Aidan hugs!


Betsy Bell said...

It's so good to see her in your arms! She looks beautiful! Have fun with her.

This Journey of Mine said...

I've been reading right along. But today - today is just the absolute icing on the cake to all the months of tears, prayers, phone calls, and such.


I'm so excited for you and praise the Lord for His gift in this child!

Can't wait to see more pics.

Amanda said...

She's BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations!

Brittany Ray said...

Hi Tracy, Todd, and Aiden,

It was so wonderful coming to your blog and reading all about your day. She is so pretty and precious. We were thinking of you throughout the day and were delighted to hear she settled in well with you and is now in your arms to stay. We can't wait to see you all at the White Swan.

All our love,

Brittany, Bayley, and Addie

Anonymous said...

WOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!! What a DAY OF REJOICING we have! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!! I'm sure there will be a PARTY at WF today :)
Welcome Aiden!!!!!!

Diane and the tribe

BuzzKnitter said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!
I am so crying right now!!!!

I stayed up as late as I could stand last night, and couldn't wait to look this morning... I saw it a while ago, but hungry kids prevented me from writing until now... ;)

it is so amazing to see Aiden in your arms, and to see the bond she is forming with you both already... God truly has his hand on you all, and is blessing your willingness to follow His directions!

hugs from PA... :)

ComfyDenim said...

I'm just a puddle.

Staring at her new mommy....what a beautiful way to leave.

Becki said...

Oh what a great blessed day! Welcome Aidan to your forever family. I can't wait to see what else your journey has in store. Congratulations!

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

This post just makes my day! What a beautiful and fantastic day it has been for you guys! I am so happy that Aidan is finally in your arms, what a princess. She is just perfect, what a beauty. Welcome to the "gang" sweetheart!