Monday, April 28, 2008

Our Room - After!

Okay, I've killed all three of you with suspense long enough. I am so excited to share with you some pictures of my beautiful new bedroom. It's so warm and inviting that I've actually made my bed Every. Single. Day. since we finished it - just to be able to revel in the gorgeousness of it all. And I've given myself up to the luxury of crawling into bed before 9:30 several nights to read and relax in the beauty of it.

First is the view of our room from the bathroom door. Next is the view as you walk into our room from the hallway. Oh, the beauty and serenity that greets me each time I walk into my room. I cannot even describe to you how much I have fallen in love with my "new" room!

These next views are from opposing corners of our room, the top one is from my side of the bed in the corner. Next is from The Boss's side of the bed, by his dresser. We originally had one of those mirrors that hung on two very colonial looking posts, but we got a little funky and hung it directly on the wall for a more updated look. I'm so happy that The Boss encouraged me to "think outside the box" on this one - I was getting stuck on how the mirror is "supposed" to hang, as if it was sacred some how! That's not usually like me, but I'm glad that he nudged me to do it.
The color on the walls is really more of a warm caramel color, called Cumbrian Cliffs, but the flash over-lit the picture. Trust me, it's not nearly as peachy as it appears here. It's rich and warm and complements the olives of the bedspread nicely. After about 4 deleted shots, I gave up - and wished I'd had my good friend Holly take the pics when she was by for a "real life" visit (as opposed to the visiting we do via Flickr and our blogging!)

Finally, there's a close-up of the beautiful casement trim that we picked (and that I saved my hard-earned babysitting and survey job money to splurge on). The Boss painstakingly primed and painted it and all its little nooks and crannies and hung it for me. We did a similar treatment to a powder room downstairs to off-set some odd ceiling angles and loved it, so we treated ourselves to a variation of the other. You can't really see it here, but The Boss is so particular when he does these jobs that he carved, mitered and cut tiny little wedges at each place that the trim stopped or changed angles, for an amazing, seamless look. It's an outstanding labor of love, one that makes me more convinced than ever that The Boss is THE MAN for me. Forever and always. I am a blessed woman indeed. And now I have a pretty, pretty room, too!

So, what do you think? Isn't it gorgeous?! It was so worth the wait. All that's left is to find some curtains in a soft sage-y olive color. I think I've got it narrowed down to a couple choices, but I have to head to the stores to feel the fabric - it's gotta be plush, soft and luxurious to complement the rest of the beauty that is now my room. Mmmmmmm, I love it when a home project comes together even better than I'd pictured it!

Update: In case I wasn't clear enough in assigning credit,
all the hard labor was by The Boss. I create these designs
and ideas in my head and he makes them come to life in our home.
Plus, he hates it when I try to help. He's waaaay too territorial for that!


ComfyDenim said...

Oh, it's beautiful!
You're inspiring me to paint our bed room. :-) It's not painted...and we have very few pictures hanging. :-)

Kudos and applause to you and Your man. :-)

WherestheBox said...

The room is absolutely gorgeous! It looks like a bed and breakfast. I have to admit we have never put anything on our walls or painted since when we first moved in. This is very inspiring!

Holly said...

it really is as beautiful as she says it is, ladies!

although, i gotta say tracy, i still think the flowers look better on THE BOSS's dresser!! ;)

Carol said...

Wonderful choice of color!!

I love it!!

Livin' Life said...

It does look great. I love the before and after pics. You guys did such a wonderful job!!!

Thrills said...

How pretty! I can't wait to do mine. I love the casement trim that you used. It is beautiful!

Way to go Boss! You did a wonderful job!

Becki said...

I think it looks GREAT! I like the casement trim, it really sets it off. Great Job!

~Rhen said...

I saw the before pictures and the after pictures are just gorgeous. Great job!!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

I DO love it! The trim is just lovely and I can imagine the color.

My husband won't be happy you posted this. I am always talking about painting and our bedroom is about the only room in the house I (meaning my husband) hasn't painted:)

Chapter Two Manmi said...

Wow--what a beautiful room. I confess I haven't been to your blog in a long while (not for lack of interest, but lack of time and sanity). Is your home newer or older. I just notice the ceilings look so tall and your decorating has the look of a bed & breakfast in a regal older home. Love it!