Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A New Low

Last night, I had to grocery shop. Couldn't put it off any longer. But since I knew it would be a tiny trip (for us!), I grabbed The Boss and my coupons and we were off. I hoofed it through the store like a maniac, shopping and plotting and searching for coupons to match sales all with one eye on my watch. Sending The Boss off (which causes fits of panic and stress every time) with very specific instructions on specific foods to add to the cart. Gaging time needed, moving faster when necessary, and hurrying the cashiers in my mind.

I paid the nice boys with the ridiculously low-slung, baggy pants (please, did that fad not end a couple years ago?!). As we threw the last of the bags in the cart, I glanced at my watch. OH NO! 8:07 p.m. I knew that since David Cook has sung his American Idol brilliance towards the end of the last couple shows, it was likely that he'd be singing his Neil Diamond American Idol amazing-ness early in last night's show. Hurry it up!!!

The Boss threw the bags in the van, I revv'd it up and picked him up on the fly from the cart corral. Seriously, the van was moving before his butt was totally planted and the door was shut. Risky, I know. And while I was flying out of the parking lot, I called the boys and made them put the phone up to the tv speakers. I caught his first song, amid a ton of distortion, in the car with my cell on speaker while trying to responsibly and legally drive home as quickly as possible. Not the most well-known of Diamond's songs, but when you have a younger sister who loved (loves?) all things Neil Diamond in her teen years (I know, that's a whole 'nother post, I swear!!), you know all these songs. He rocked it. I drove faster.

As Shaggy was putting the phone back and laughing with Dr. Doolittle over my NEED to hear David's first song, I heard him (over the UN HUNG UP phone!) say to Dr. D, "She's pathetic. That's just sad." I couldn't believe it. My 13 year-old thinks I'm pathetic. And sad. I think I've sunk to a new low. But then (after I screeched to him, "I CAN HEAR YOU, YOU KNOW!") I heard him cracking up and laughing hysterically. That punk. He knew he hadn't hung up yet. He got me. UGH. Maybe that's my new low - he got me, and he KNEW he would. Punk.

Anyway, we got home, flew in the door and made everyone help unload and put away the groceries (I may need a treasure hunter to find that peanut butter and those canned peaches!) and clean up. Just in time. Just in time for David's second song of the night. He rocked it. Again! And his hair? Dude, I think I might get mine done like that. I love his hair! Oh wait, mine is already kinda like that. Why does it look so much funkier on him than on me?! Yeah, as I was saying, David Cook rocked the house last night. He is sooooo gonna win this. Or as Paula said:

"I feel like I'm looking at the next American Idol."

Yeah. That's what I've been saying. Since his adorable audition tape.
In Simon's words, he is "brilliant!" Yup. That's what I said.


BevMama said...

So funny!
I can totally relate.
I am just loving that David Cook.

Becki said...

I make sure that the kids and in bed before Idol starts, they are allowed their 30 minutes of TV then, because I just need to soak it in. I think he's going take it all!

Thrills said...

I seriously think you need help...oh wait, then I do to. It seems that Idol nights is the only night the kids fight me about going to bed. So either they stay up (and drive me crazy because they won't shut up during the songs) or I get irritated and let them cry longer in their cribs than I normally do. Don't they know about my priorities!!! LOL

Holly said...

ok. after having met Shaggy and Dr. Doolittle in person (not that i'm claiming to know them, or anything), i can conceivably say, yep, they got you! and boy, did this post have me laughing!!

i can totally see you driving like a maniac (who was it that said "gee, i wish people would slow down... they drive way to fast through our neighborhood!") and running around putting groceries away... and you see, the reason i can see it all, is because i'm the same way about Dancing with the Stars!!

i'm admitting (to the wrong group of women, i think) that i'm not an Idol person, but Dancing... now, that's a different story! and i'm totally with thrills (above) about the kids always being worse on that night about going to bed than any other night! haha

thanks for the laugh, this morning, tracy! ;)

mylittlenest said...

You are so funny. You've become an Idol fan! I can relate....I'm an Idol "freak", been to the last two Idol tours, '06 and '07, and I have to see every episode. called it, for sure...David Cook is rockin', although I also love David Archuleta. I could listen to either one on a CD!

Salzwedel Family said...

You are too funny! I haven't watched Idol in a couple of years...apparently I'm missing something! Thanks for your comment today. I've posted a reply if you want to check back.


Natalie said...

sounds like you could use Giant's home shopping service so you could grocery shop AND watch Idol at the same time.