Friday, April 11, 2008

Favorites Friday

I'm celebrating here today! I have gorgeous color (and the promise of more coming!) in various spots all over my gardens, and I can't help but feel very Tigger-ish over the joy of it. Flowers, trees, bushes - they are all bursting with life and I'm so very excited!

My Favorite Spring Flowers
  • I have this incredible soft spot in my heart for lilacs. Their blooms, their scent, the memories they evoke. I love them and I love The Boss for buying me the 6 bushes I have been nursing along in my yard for almost 4 years now. They are on the verge of popping out in colors ranging from white to deep purple, and I check them daily for progress
  • I call daffodils the happy flowers. I have never seen a daffodil and not felt a little thrill of happiness at their perky color and their straight stalks reaching for the sun. My new ones are a lovely soft yellow, and are a perfect complement to their neighbors, the hyacinth.
  • My hearty little hyacinths have made my whole front yard smell heavenly. Their color is technically listed as blue, but these babies are so deep and royal that they can only be called purple. Poking up from the mulch next to the daffodils, Baby BlueEyes and I go out to sniff their fragrance almost every day!
  • Tulips are such stately flowers, and I love to see the neighbors' gardens full of reds, pinks, purples, and yellows. But the little rebel in me absolutely adores the bright flame orange tulips. The contradiction of the elegant flower with the rocker chick color makes me smile every time I see them. Every time.
  • There is a border between us and our neighbors made entirely of forsythia. Though they only stay vibrant and full and yellow for a short time, I feel ridiculously enamored with these gorgeous bushes. I wait all winter long to see them come into full bloom, and I peek out the side door to get my fill of their color several times a day. I hope the neighbor doesn't think I'm spying on her!
These flowers speak to me of life and exuberance and joy. They remind me that Spring always comes, no matter how long or hard the Winter has been. They tell me of The Father's Love and His gift of renewal and refreshment and new life. And they give me hope. The expectancy I feel every year as I watch my blooms is a little treasure in my heart that I turn over and over and cherish deeply. It's my gift from My Daddy, reminding me that I can make it and I have great color and life in store for me!

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Holly said...

it seems as though we have the same taste in flowers (why does that not surprise me?)!! lilacs are a favorite around here (my whole family) as my grandma, who is now in heaven, had many of them at her house and they remind us all of her.

daffys are my birth-month flower, so i've always had a special place in my heart for them. not to mention that yellow flowers make me smile! :)

hyacinth DO smell heavenly, and i'm just waiting for mine to start blooming so i can drink in that smell.

someday, when i have a nice big yard with lots of room for flowers, i've already told B that i want thousands of tulips in every color! they are just so, so... SPRING!! and i'm totally with you: the orange ones are the BEST!!

as for forsythia, it is one of those special things (you know, yellow again) that is just another sign that spring is finally here, and as they are so prolific around our area, it just makes driving around so much better!!

anyway, thanks for another wonderful list, and for proving yet again that we may have been separated at birth! haha :)