Saturday, April 26, 2008

Our Room - Before

Well, before and sorta during! The Boss is famous for forgetting to snap pics of a project before he starts it, so we have tons of "before" pics that are really more "during" pics.

Here's what the room looked like as we were dismantling it and prepping. Note the white walls, white trim and white ceiling. This is not primer, nor is it an effect for the camera. This is our room. Before.

Note the boring, predictable placement of furniture and the complete lack of decor. We did have lampshades, but he put those away for safe-keeping before he took these pics.

We've been here in this house for four years. 4 Years! And we've never had any wall hangings. These wall are not empty here because we'd already taken pictures down. They were just empty.

The only reason we had any curtains is because my very generous and compassionate neighbor gave me some gorgeous antique ivory sheers to go over our room darkening shades. Which are also ivory.

Boring and un-inspired. And the LAST room in the house I wanted to spend any quality time. Before.


Thrills said...

I can't wait to see the afters!!! We have been in our house for 3 years. I finally told Hubby that I am getting a new comforter and painting our hand-me-down head board and night stands. I think I am going with light blue and brown for the color scheme. Right now, we have natural (wood) wanes coating (I think that is what it is called) on our walls and a bright green ceiling??????????? Maybe I will be posting before and after pictures soon.

mylittlenest said...

Hey...ya can't leave me hanging like that! Where's the "after" pics?(: Can't wait to see them. By the way, I've got two full bins of curtains to give away or sell, most under 8 years old. Maybe there's something you can use??

Carol said...

ok I agree..where are the afters?

Yes I too have been in my home for 4 years and still haven't done anything with the windows......