Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Fave American Idol

I've never weighed in on the blogosphere's chatter and debates about American Idol in my own blog before. I've commented lots on others' blogs (cuz you all KNOW I have somethin' to say for sure!) but never felt moved enough to devote a whole post to it. Well, okay once I did, but it wasn't about who was so amazing or so talented.

Until. David. Cook.

I've watched him with great interest and more than a little curiosity since the auditions back in February. He's edgy, fresh and interesting. No bubble gum pop music with him. And when he sang "Hello" - well, I melted. Right there in a puddle in the family room. Ask my family. I know all the questions about his supposed "originality" - questions about his arrangements abound. Just for the record, he's very quick to give the credit for great arrangements where the credit is due. I know, I read the internet. :)

Then came last night. Sigh. As much as I despise Mariah Carey's music (and believe me, I do for soooo many reasons!), he took the one song that I'm sorta okay with and. ROCKED. THE. HOUSE. I could hardly speak at first. I quickly regained my ability to speak, to leap and cheer and shout my approval. I couldn't believe how amazing it was. And I'm not the only one who thinks so. Here's some feedback from the judges (yes, I took notes. I know, I'm a geek!):

"Original." "Daring." "Stood out by a mile."
"Whole package." ". . . big breath of fresh air."

Not one critique from one of the judges.
Not one.

I got a little teary (okay, I confess, I blubbered) when he teared up. For the back story on why he was so emotional, go here. I knew before the show about his brother, and just knew all night it would be his BEST. PERFORMANCE. EVER. ~ YET. ~

So, I've been saying it in comment form for several weeks - but I'm saying it here, now, in public. Well, publicly to my 5 readers. David Cook is THE ONE to watch. He's THE ONE who will take the whole AI contest. And when he does, I predict that he's going to take the whole American Idol empire to a whole new level. I know he certainly has made it a whole new experience for me.

David, if you are reading this, I have been a faithful fan
since the first time you very sweetly, humbly and sincerely
thanked the judges for the chance to go to Hollywood.
You are gonna knock this whole contest outta the park!
I just know it.


BevMama said...

We DO think alike.... did you see my post on him?

Bev aka

Trish said...

I kind of got sidetracked and haven't seen Idol the last couple of weeks, so I am glad you posted this. What an amazing story!

Jared said...

the blog world is so crazy! How are you guys? we are doing well. The third baby is in the oven and we are in a HUGE transition to the upper midwest but we are totally excited! The girls are growing fast... riley is 3 now and Peyton will be 2 in July. they are keeping us busy.

Jessica said...

I love David and I was in awe when he sang Mariah Carey's song too. I think is has this win in the bag. I didn't know you watched AI. We will have to talk more about it. Go David Go!!!!!

wheresthebox said...

What's up, lady??

BTW, you've been tagged!

Carol said...

sorry don't watch Idol...where are you hiding???