Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Viruses, Valentines, and Various Stuff

LadyBug has been home from school now for two days. We had a wonderful weekend away to visit my SIL, over at Life and Lessons, but there was definitely something brewing in The Gang's systems before we got there. Late nights up giggling with her cousin and early mornings playing dolls probably contributed to her little body being too tired to fight off Shaggy's and Baby Blue Eye's colds. Of course, being the principal caretaker and huggy mommy, I have it now too! I confess, I did have my share of late nights hanging out and catching up with my SIL. She's such a great friend and I always enjoy our late night conversations. Speaking of conversations, here's a snippet of one I had with dear Dr. Doolittle about how easily I seem to catch these viruses while caring for my gang:

Me: "I guess maybe I should consider NOT hugging and kissing and cuddling you guys so frequently. Then maybe I could actually get over one virus before I start another."

Dr. D, deadpans: "Excuse me, while I try to contain my excitement at the idea of that actually happening."

Yes, Dr. D has entered adolescence, complete with the utter distaste for all displays of physical affection from his parents. I try very hard to be respectful of this normal distancing that occurs, as long as they remain respectful of the fact that I neeeeeeeed hugs and kisses occasionally. I tell my nephew that it's like gas in a car: I need lots of hugs from the sweeties in my life to keep me going. The Boss has spoken to the boys about this side of my personality, and we've adopted an easy truce: I get the occasional hug and sometimes even a kiss while we are in the house from them. But when we are out, I will respect their distance and their "space." It's definitely harder for me now that TWO of them are in this stage, but I like the balance we've struck.

Apparently, they understand my side of this issue better than I gave them credit for. This year for Valentine's Day, both Shaggy and Dr. D made me "coupon books" for a gift. Lo and behold, each book contains at least one coupon for free hugs and kisses whenever I choose to redeem them. Shaggy's (on the top at left) are hilarious: he put little disclaimers on them and reminded me to "read the fine print!" Dr. D took a page from his uncle's book of Irish humor when titling his coupons (see bottom left). They are such nuts! But you can bet your bippy I'll be redeeming those coupons when they least expect it. I have some devious plans whirling in my brain even now for the redemption of those goodies. Given that both of them occasionally read my blog, I'll not share those details here! (mwaaaaah haaaaa haaaa ha!)

So, we're huddling in for another day, expecting snow and ice in a "wintry mix" this afternoon. I guess grocery shopping and getting out for contact with other humans will have to wait another day. (insert dripping sarcasm here) And I was sooo looking forward to hitting the grocery store this morning, to compete with the other shoppers in their pre-storm stock up rush. Who knows, I might actually get to wear real clothes at some point this week!


Holly said...

very cute, t! can't wait till mine are bigger and get into the whole 'make mommy valentine's' thing. ;)

and, thank goodness, my boys still like hugs and kisses!!

Carol said...

my boys have entered the no hug zone too....although my youngest still wants a hug goodnight most nights.....boys......sigh.......

mylittlenest said...

I loved hanging out with you, too! Unfortunately, the virus has struck here, too........and yes, it's only us girls that have it! Hope with all the "lack of" hugs and kisses, you'll all get better.