Sunday, February 3, 2008

China Needs YOU!

We've been fasting t.v. for a while, so I'm a little behind on world news. But this week we've been doing some on-line research and updating some documentations regarding our adoption. In this process, I have become aware of a really pressing need in China. You may already know about it, but it's very near and dear to The Gang and we'd like the share it with you here:

These past 10 days or so, China has been experiencing unprecedented snow storms. It's crippling the transportation systems, the business community and the schools. What the media hasn't been reporting as widely is the effect these storms are having on the hundreds of orphanages, big and small, across the country. These orphanages are struggling to keep the kids warm, fed, and healthy. Many of them are without diapers or basic medicines. Still others are without heat, electricity or running water. It seems, from what I've been reading and searching out, that the hardest hit areas are the most un-accustomed to cold weather and snow. They need our prayers!

If you need more information or want to know how you can help, there is a well-known relief agency (not a specifically "Christian" agency, fyi) that exists just to care for the orphaned children of China by providing resources and monies to the orphanages they connect with. It is called Half The Sky, and they are running a special emergency fund-raising relief program right now to deal with the crisis. This page gives you the updates on several of the orphanages that are under their umbrella and what they need to make it through till the weather breaks. The need is great and I can hardly read the pages without crying, knowing that so many daughters and sons are suffering.

As I've ventured into this community of International Adoption, I've made many new friends. Some of them are listed in my sidebars. Some of them have their child home, safe, warm and snug. But some of them are in process like me. Some are farther along in the process and actually already know who their daughter or son is. These moms need our prayers. Their babies are in precarious circumstances and they are reliant upon government and agency information about the welfare of their child. Please, pray with The Gang! Please!

P.S. Love Without Boundaries has unofficially won
the Facebook contest
that I mentioned in Friday's post - that's great news
for hundreds of orphans who will receive
excellent medical care from the donations given!
Wooo Hooo!


Heidi @ GGIP said...

I heard a little about the snowstorms in China this weekend. I didn't know that it was a more chronic problem though.

I'm happy to hear that website won the contest. I went to visit it, but couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do.

Carol said...

We are praying...we are also doing a collection for the China Starfish group at The Seventh Diamond blog!!!!!