Friday, February 1, 2008

Favorites Friday

I've been spending a good bit of my time doing research and gathering information related to our adoption this month. We've got a lot going on here at The Gang's house: renewing documentations, updating information and getting familiar with this whole sub-culture within the International Adoption community. I've been making new "cyber" friends, learning a ton, and discovering some really cool stuff. I'm sharing some of it with you today!

My Favorite Adoption-Related Sites:
  • Head over to Love Without Boundaries, if you are reading this on Friday, February 1st. They are participating in a fund-raiser sponsored by Facebook and have the opportunity to win $50, 000. That's enough to fund 10 heart surgeries for orphans in China! It only requires a minute, and $10 per person. (Click on the "$10 Saves 10 Lives" button at the top to learn more.) And fund-raiser aside, this site is a wealth of information about the lives of orphaned children and what we can do to help them.
  • A brand new find, Adoption Mama sells creative graphic tees for adoptive mommies and mommies-to-be, a.ka. "paper pregnant" like me. I can't really afford any of the products right now, 'cuz well, I'm adopting! But, how cute are these shirts?
  • Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia (CHOP) has an awesome International Adoption Counseling program. We've been so impressed so far with their knowledge, their helpfulness and the things they've counseled us about. We're really enjoying this resource!
  • I found this cool link when I tried to find the Chinese symbols for the word "Hope." I'm brewing a couple "family made" art projects for Aidan's nursery when she comes home (some day!) and I had a blast tooling around this site. You can find your name and see it in Chinese Calligraphy . . .
  • This is my favorite of all the sites listed for today. Julie P is an adoptive mommy herself and designs the most amazing jewelry that honors her daughter and the Chinese art of calligraphy. I've already put in my request for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Aidan's Gotcha Day, and so on. And the best part: "50 % of profit will be donated to support ongoing efforts to help children in need." Awesome!
There you have it. MMMMMM, all this talk about Chinese culture is making me hungry. Maybe I'll treat BBE to lunch out with some yummy eggrolls . . . . Have a great Friday, all!


Livin' Life said...

My boys have been asking for a baby sister from china for a couple of years now. We continue to pray about it i loved going to china 3 years ago and fell in love with the people. You guys are encouragment to us!!!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

What a great idea to have the Adoption Counseling program! I also really like how CHOP's website is an ".edu"

Don't know why, I just like it.

Carol said...

LWB won!!!!! Whoo HOO!!!