Friday, February 8, 2008

Favorites Friday

I'm a fairly new coffee addict. I resisted for years, even though I did enjoy an occasional cup, well-doctored and usually only in social settings under subtle peer pressure. It's only been three or so years that I've become a full-blown coffee junkie. And now, in the throes of a virus that has left my mouth full of painful sores and a head aching from the agony of it all, I am realizing just how much I love my coffee. Today's Favorites are an ode to my morning java. May we meet again soon!

My Favorite Things About Coffee!
  • The heat of my full Tigger mug cupped in my hands seeps right through to my bones, warding of the chill of the morning air. That first long draw of heat eases the pain of leaving my warm, dark cocoon of blankets.
  • The aroma is nutty and rich, tickling my nose with the anticipation of its taste. When The Boss is brewing, the smell is a touch more acrid, giving just the right nudge out of that dark cocoon on a Saturday morning.
  • Its taste is strong and deep, calling my brain to alertness and giving my taste buds the gentle wake-up call they need to start the day. One big sip and my tongue is loosened and real words begin to form.
  • The hazelnut creamer only enhances the nutty smell of my morning blend and adds just the right trickle of sweetness. The creamy flow into my giant-sized Tigger mugs is one of the prettiest sights I see all day.
  • And the kick? Oh, I love the kick! The little surge of clarity and the jolt of excitement as I sip and look over the day's chores cannot be beat. I mean, come on! How else am I supposed to face the mountains of laundry and dishes that appear on EVERY DAY'S list without fail?
These sores cannot handle the perfection of coffee right now. They fare far better with room temperature water and yogurt. Lots of yogurt. But believe you me, when the last of these vile tormentors have left my mouth, I'm making a whole pot of delectable brew. And drinking the whole thing. Just think how much I'm going to enjoy that! Can you imagine how much I'm going to get done? Mmmmmmmmm, be patient dear mouth, be patient.


Livin' Life said...

Oh you are so not helping me. I have been trying to cut back on coffee you know for health reasons and I have no power to do so. And now I read your blog. I got to go and make some Joe!:)

Classic MaMa said...

I should have known that you would have a Tigger mug. :)

I do not drink coffee, but my Not-So-Classic drinks enough for a small village. :) I sometimes put his in a Tinker Bell mug.

Promises Fulfilled said...

You totally cracked me up! I do hope that you are feeling better really soon!

I do enjoy coffee - decaf Columbian and I love hazelnut creamer!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

I've never heard of anyone only drinking coffee in social situations. That's something I never knew before.

I like holding the mug in my hands in cold weather too. :)

Carol said...

yeah my cups empty...I need a refill!

Bobby & Regina said...

I drink mine black, but, Bobby sure likes all those flavored creamers! I tell him he likes a little coffee with his creamer! Just checking in! Blessings to your family - Regina