Friday, February 22, 2008

Favorites Friday

Today is a snow day! Not a delay, or an early dismissal. An honest-to-goodness, real school-canceling, snow-shoveling snow day. My kids were thrilled beyond words, as these are in short supply since we moved from Central to SE PA. We always seem to be on the warmer edge of all the storms, resulting in that nasty wintry mix of slush and mess. Not so, today! Yippee!

My favorite things about snow days!
  • Sleeping in a little more than normal - The Boss gets up really early, no matter the weather. So when there is a delay or a cancellation, he sneaks back into our room and turns off my alarm. Such a wonderful man! Such a wonderful treat!
  • Long, leisurely breakfasts - The kids and I make a hot breakfast and all curl up on the couch (I with my hot coffee in hand!) to watch Matt, Al, Ann and Meredith. This morning we chowed down on chocolate chip and blueberry waffles.
  • Homemade cookies - Almost every time it snows (or rains, or storms in any way!) I get the urge to bake. Usually it's cookies, sometimes it's muffins or cupcakes or bread. Today: hot, gooey chocolate chip cookies!
  • Free shoveling - One of the perks of having two, strapping HOOVERS is that I promise the fresh, hot cookies if they promise to get the shoveling done for The Boss. Right now, they are finishing the driveway and are starting the sidewalks.
  • Freedom from the normal routine - I have adopted a rather "relaxed view" of the standards on snow days, since we joined the public school system. As long as the beds get made, teeth get brushed and everyone has clean undies, I don't really care if anything else gets done. We watch movies, listen to loud music, drink hot cocoa, eat cookies, and have fun just hanging out.
So, what do you like to do on Snow Days? Do you have any special traditions or projects? Do you make special memories with your family now? Better yet, do you have any special memories of your own snow days?


pupsnhorses said...

We are home today too! One thing that I always seem to do is wait for the J-man to come back in the house so that I can start the defrosting process.

Something new I tried this year although it won't shock anyone that knows me. We look out the window and see a dog loose. We of course I am in the middle of the road with slippers and spring pj's on (no coat). I held up my arms to hold the traffic at a halt while I urged the kids to get the dog that was running in and out of the street. Yippee they caught him!

Livin' Life said...

Snow days are usually great but this is our 3rd cancelation and it has lost all its appeal. Kids are cranky, moms cranky and dads at work. I am even cleaning today because we have company tonight. ARRGG!! I am glad to hear you guys are enjoying some snow finally.:)

Holding It Together said...

This afternoon was supposed to be the Little Guy's playgroup makeup day from the last snowstorm, so I guess they will have to pick another day! He was disappointed because he was really excited about going to playgroup on Friday instead of Thursday (the regular day but the IU was on break this week). So on the way home from work/daycare at noon, we stopped and rented a new Dora video from Blockbuster and he watched every story on it and then watched the first story in French and Spanish - he was in DVD heaven!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

In our area, they probably could have gotten away with a 2 hour delay, but it was nice for the kids to have a snow day on a Friday. Glad you had fun.