Thursday, June 14, 2012


Last night, Shaggy graduated from high school. Sigh. I cannot believe he's finished with high school already. I know it's totally cliched and trite to say so, but really, wasn't it just yesterday I was sending him off on the big yellow bus for his first day of 2nd grade? (Heh, I delayed the trauma of the first day of Kindergarten by homeschooling him that year. And then again for first grade. Yes, I am a wimp. I know.)

The Boss and I are so over the top ridiculously proud of the man (sniff, sigh) that Shaggy has become. He is by far one of the most patient and considerate people I know. He is passionately in love with Jesus and desires to serve Him in all his ways. He is a very hard worker, unusually thoughtful and responsible. And he is smart. Like, crazy smart. This kid has maintained straight A's since the third grade. Yes, the third grade. And really, that's only because his school didn't give A's in 2nd grade. And in Kindergarten and first grade, I gave him stars and smileys. (sniff, sigh)

Lest my gushing sound obnoxious and unrealistic, I promise you that we are completely aware that Shaggy is not perfect. None of our sweet amazing kids are. But they are perfect for us. And we are proud of them all. On occasions like this, we are more proud than I can even begin to articulate here. Shaggy and I were talking last night about the varying levels of importance folks place on this milestone of high school graduation. Based upon some of what he witnessed in the students around him last night, he was wondering just what all the fuss and bother is about. And should it really be about all that much fuss and bother. He's quite cerebral, this boy of mine, and was asking himself some hard questions last night after the festivities of the evening died down. Despite his absolute discomfort with any of the fuss and bother of the upcoming big weekend party celebrating his accomplishment (and despite his unease with the fuss of a post like this), I assured him that it's really important that we celebrate the milestones of his life.

As I told him last night, this is just one important milestone in a long journey of many more to come. Granted, it's a relatively small one, in context of the many ahead of him, but no less worthy of celebrating. We join together as a family to celebrate all of the milestones of our life. Because the milestones are NOT about the diploma. The milestones are not about the changing of the tassel. The milestones are about the people in your life that were with you on that journey. The milestones are about the journey itself. And no matter how early in his journey he is, this journey will be fueled by love and relationship. Because that is who he is. That is who we are.

Here he is, our straight A, amazing graduate.

Congratulations, Shaggy. We celebrate YOU!


withgratefulhearts said...

Oh, it's hard watching them grow up. I always tell me kids, "I liked it when you were all little and captive!" haha. Congratulations. I know how you feel...bursting with pride and love, yet wiping some tears remembering that little boy who you could hold in your arms. ..sigh What would we mommas do without these boys.
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I've also been wanting to drop you a note for a while now, just to encourage you, but I always seem to be reading blogs on my phone these days via google reader and therefore cannot leave comments (perhaps a clue to the "where have the readers gone" puzzle). Anyways, about the time we got our travel approval to go get our daughter, my husband lost his job. It was a difficult and emotional year to say the least, just trying to survive, but the blessings along the way would not have been as incredible had it not been for the trials. I wanted to encourage you and tell you I'll be praying for you. Press on, my friend. He holds you in His hands.

Trish said...

Congratulations to your graduate and to the whole gang for finishing out the school year with a bang! Love you guys. :)

Aus said...

Good morning guys - lots of transitions going on in your place - but growth (however painful) is always good! Shaggy - great job son - I'll share in a little parental pride!! We've got three out of college now - and three in some form of grade school (well - one in pre-school) - so we know that road!

Great joy (and a hint of trepidation too!) - hugs - aus and co.