Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Finals Week, The Gang's Way

LadyBug took her first-ever finals at the end
of last week and the beginning of this week.
Despite her casual surroundings and relaxed pose,
she studied hard and took them quite seriously.

Shaggy got exemptions for all of his finals,
major and minor. Senior privileges rock!

Dr. D had Monday off as he only had his four courses
of finals to do on Thursday and Friday.
The jury is still out on just how seriously he took the whole process.

Summer has been coming in by bits and pieces for over a week now.
Tomorrow, it hits full force at 12:10 p.m.

You'll hear the cheers (mainly mine) from where ever you are, I'm pretty sure.

I cannot, however, be responsible for the tears which are sure to flow
later that same night at graduation.
I'll just try to keep them quiet so as to avoid embarrassing
Shaggy with my emotional display.

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