Thursday, June 21, 2012

Another Big Reveal

OMIGOSH! A sweet friend just asked me yesterday if I ever posted the final reveal of Baby BlueEyes' new bedroom... and I realized that I never did! It's been done for about a month now, done waaaaay on the cheap and as a (very) belated TENTH birthday gift for our sweet, Eagles loving little guy. I'm so grateful for his easy-going, not-easily-offended, gracious spirit in allowing us to work out room arrangements and plans to accommodate the transition from 5 kids to 6 so pleasantly. Without a word of grumble or self-seeking or anger. Gentle reminders, yes. But never more than that. Which might explain why I wanted to "go big" for my little guy. He's a rare gem in this world and he deserves it to be just perfect, even if it took us FOOOOOR-EVAH to decide how to do it, and pull ourselves together to do it!

So, here's the final product. We are still trying to find a lamp and/or lampshade for the dresser, but since it stays light so long this time of year, we're good for now :)

Just a bit of a reminder of where it started....

Since this pic was taken, we've removed that particular
head and foot board and replaced it with just
a mattress and box spring on rails.
The head board/foot board here matches the one in Li'l Empress's
room. They will both paired there for the little girls' room.
Which is almost done.

This dresser is hard to see since it's black against Eagles green,
but remember this? Repainted and spiffed up again!

See that bare lamp? Yeah. Can't find a shade to match
the other lamp on the desk. Noodling that one still.
The two lamps have completely different brackets to hold their shades
so the shades we keep finding and liking aren't compatible with both
lamps at the same time. Whatever. I'll get to it. :)

This is the focus wall. Baby BlueEyes' favorite thing
about the whole room. His official, NFL approved,
Eagles fat-head wall decal.

My favorite thing is that desk. FREE by the side of
the road. Less than $10 in knob replacements.
I love it when we score like that!!!!

His "welcome to my room" sign.

Even his trashcan is in on the re-do.
Thanks to the grandparents for indulging his love
of the Eagles, even though they are Redskins fans.
Which hurts even to type. Sigh.

So. There ya have it. Baby BlueEyes got a brand new room On The CHEAP!
That's not counting the closet redo, but that was way overdue
and since it has to do double duty for regular household storage,
(ya know, cuz we have five coming up on 6 kiddoes!)
we won't count it against the re-do of the whole room.

Here's the wrap up of a room done on the cheap:
  • Curtain rod - repainted from white to black.
  • Curtains - re-purposed from older boys' former room decor.
  • Frames above bed - donated to yard sale and they just never sold. The Boss painted them with Krylon spray paint and hung them for BBE.
  • Pictures in frames - old Eagles calendar pics trimmed to fit. Now I'm actually glad BBE rarely throws away his Eagles stuff....
  • Other room and wall decor - gifts from family from that long ago 10th b'day
  • Chair for desk - a major steal on a yard sale site. Bought a set of 4 cuz when you have five kids, extra chairs are a must!
We are still working on finishing Li'l Empress's new digs. It's gonna be awhile cuz we have to save up for a new mattress and figure out storage for two girls' clothes and where to put the beds and dressers. We're taking a bit of a break for the rest of the month from room re-organizing and re-arranging! But when we have it ready and done, I'll show you the stuff we have up our sleeves on the cheap there, too!


Kelly the Overthinker said...

Big applause on the desk! Sweet!!!! And, the redo rocks.

Patricia said...

You have done such a great job on the rooms. I know you children love them. We found an old desk like the one you did and I could figure out what to do with the top ~ now I do!