Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday {or not....)

During our church's season of prayer and fasting, The Gang decided to give up television together. And when I say "The Gang decided," we all know that I really mean "The Boss and I decided for us all." In the interest of putting aside some of the "noise" of the world around us, we've been encouraging the kids to find other pursuits.

Here's what they did Monday night for a while.

I can't believe no one called Li'l Empress for cheating
by hanging on Shaggy's neck for help!

Let's just say that Shaggy is not nearly
as flexible as he'd like himself to be.
Which suits Dr. D just fine.
He emerged the victor!

wordless or not,
head over to 5 Minutes for Mom.
And please, stop lurking!
I see you there in the stats, you know.....


withgratefulhearts said...

I am actually along with you on the there p's but my computer is down. If you've ever tried to leave a comment on a blog via smart phone, you know it's a royal pain! So although I can't sit and to discuss things with you as of right now...know that an with you and will have some discussion when I get back on a computer. Just got done paying the the p's for today. :) boy it took me a long time to type this! if I can just get it to send.....

withgratefulhearts said...

I see it didn't send well...haha

Aus said...

Morning GM - a good ol fasion game of twister - cool!!

Oh - and I do many things - but lurk? Never - love the sound of my own key strokes!

hugs - aus and co.