Friday, January 20, 2012

A Little Reminiscing

We were talking the other night about our upcoming series of home-study meetings, explaining to the kids what the "big family meeting" might look like and what questions might come up. It led to a conversation about how much each kid has grown and changed since our first home-study back in August of 2006. Yes, I said 2006. That led to a conversation about life when it was just Momma hangin' out with Shaggy and Dr. D.

Only, they weren't Shaggy or Dr. D back then.
They were my sweet, funny, silly little boys
who never once warned me
that they were gonna grow up
and become MEN, for crying out loud.

But aaaaaanywaaaaaay, Baby BlueEyes loves hearing stories of the stuff those two got into so I told one of my favorite stories....


One day, The Boss was hanging out with the two boys in our little duplex in town. They were talking about different words for multiple objects vs. words for singular objects. It got to be a bit of a word game, each boy trying to spit out the answer before his brother could.

The Boss: "What's a big group of birds called?"

One of them piped up, "That's a flock!"

"Well, then, what's a big bunch of cows called?"

"It's a herd, Daddy!"

It went on and on. Till The Boss got a little tricky with his boys.

"Okay. So let me ask you this. . . What is a great big group of people called?"

At the very same moment, with no hesitation, both boys yelled out their answers triumphantly.

Shaggy shouted, "IT'S A PARTY!!!!!"

And Dr. D yelled, "IT'S A FAMILY!!!!"

How cute is that?!

The strange thing is, those particular answers were very true of their personalities for quite a long time. The stranger thing is that, essentially, I think they have flip-flopped since they became teens. It's been one of those parenting conundrums for me.... One of those things that keeps me guessing. It might just be their way of keeping The Boss and I from being too assured of our methodology with this gang.  Which, I'm fairly certain, isn't a bad thing.

Forgetting to warn me that they would be growing up into MEN? Well, I would have liked to be in on that decision for sure. I'm pretty sure I would have voted for an extension on the deal.

Have a great Friday everyone!!!!!

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