Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The 3 P's {Passion}

If you are just popping by today and you didn't get the backstory of my 3 P's, I encourage you to head to yesterday's post (click here!) and check it out first. I don't often name my posts with such disarming titles as "Passion" so things will make more sense if you start there.

I love that God has created each of my Gang members so uniquely and specifically. They are about as different from each other in their unique-ness as snowflakes are from other snowflakes. I love learning about "what makes my kids tick," so to speak. So praying with the focus of Passion is really exciting to me. And while it's likely pretty obvious to most of you what "passion" means in this context, I am going to assume nothing and share with you the definitions and explanations as I feel the Lord shared them with me. It isn't meant to be an exhaustive list, nor is it to be a formula. These are simply the ideas I felt the Lord giving me, here and with the coming "P's" for praying.

What I would LOVE for you to do is read them over and then share what Scriptures come to your mind that help you pray specifically for your own child.  I certainly have my own favorite verses when praying for my kids but I love hearing others' views on The Word and how they use it as a tool for strengthening their family.

Praying for Our Kids' Passion
Pray for your kids to know early and intimately WHO they are in Christ. Pray that they know how passionate their Creator is for them and how BIG He dreams for their lives.  Pray that you be able to communicate to them how BIG you dream for them, as an extension of those dreams their Heavenly Father has for their life's journey.
Pray that God would show them early what passions HE has woven into their being. These passions obviously include their natural gifts and talents, but can also be their temperament, their life's work, their calling or vocation, and even their hobbies. Pray that as they discover more about how God has wired them, they would also learn how to submit those gifts to His leading. Pray for protection against pride or arrogance that can come with God-given talents or traits. Pray for blossoming of these passions to be in His timing and in accordance with His plan for their lives, both here and now AND in their big, beautiful futures.
Finally, pray for Him to be glorified in the growing and developing AND in implementing of these passions. Pray that He teach you how to teach them that it's all for Him. All of it.

So how about it? What comes to your mind when praying for your kid's passions?  I'm anxious to hear from you and can't wait to dig into The Word with you!

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Aus said...

Good morning GM - great thoughts here! Something a Franciscan Friar once said to me is kinda relevent here....Laurian would have made a great Dad BTW....

His exact words are lost to my memory - but the gist was that as I am praying for my kids I should quit asking for what "I" want for my kids - and maybe even skip asking for what "THEY" want for themselves - and spend a little more time asking that they come to realize what the Father wants for them!

I try to make it a point to do that every day! Yeah - you got some really good thougths here!

hugs - aus and co.