Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Starting It Right!

For Christmas this year, several of The Gang members got new Bibles. I think it's one of my favorite gifts to give my kids. I especially loved Li'l Empress's reaction to her new big girl Bible.  Look at her - she opened it and dove right in, telling me that she was readin' her new Bible, "jus like Sissy does."

We had to pull her out of it to keep the gift exchange moving before church that morning. It was so cute and she was thrilled with the promise that Mommy and Daddy would read it with her for bedtimes every night. She is holding us to it, too!

This morning, I let Li'l E sleep in as long as she wanted. I'm feeling quite run-down and congested with this head cold, so I figured the rest was good for both of us.  When she finally woke, well after 8:30, the conversation went something like this:

"Good morning, Li'l E.  How did you sleep?"

"I slept good, Mommy. Where is da kids?"

"Well, they all left for school already. You slept a really long time. They had to get on their buses."

"Oh. Okay! Mommy!"

(She wakes so cheery, it's almost annoying when I'm un-caffeinated. Or sick.)

"Li'l E, is it okay with you if I hop in the shower now, before you go downstairs for your juice? I'll be quick but I think I need a hot shower to make my head feel better."

(You know, to break up all the snot and nonsense
that is threatening to catapult my eyes
out of my head at high velocity. Heh.)

"Oh! Sure! Mommy! A, a, a, a, and, I'll bring my Bible! And read it in you room! Okay?!"

Yeah. She really said that. With all those exclamations. The girl sure knows how to start a day.

And how to remind Momma what is right and good.

Gotta love that about her.

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Aus said...

What a GREAT kid!! Good start to a new year - in particular - after coffee!

hugs - aus and co.