Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth Fashion

Yesterday, my Gang was decked out to celebrate the fourth... Here's some of the fashions they were sportin' for the festivities of the day.

Baby BlueEyes has lots of
red, white and blue in his dresser.
Apparently, he decided to wear it all at once.

Li'l Empress and Grandma sportin' their
flags and fireworks.

My three little patriots.

Cutie pie cousins with their matching skirts.
They kept telling us they were "twins."
How funny is that?

Come by and join the Fourth fun
at 5 Minutes for Moms.

If you want to see some other
fashion - forward cutie pies,
sportin' their red, white, and blue,
See if you can spot Li'l Empress in the mix :)


Aus said...

The "twins" (actually all y'all) look fantastic!!

hugs - aus and co.

Kelly @ In Everything said...

very fun;) My parents have all the crazy 4th of July outfits I used to come up with!! I look back now and groan:) But I used to LOVe seeing how much red, white and blue I could wear... even wearing 3 pairs of socks;)

and the "twins" are adorable;)