Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Football Season Is ON!!!!

This Eagles-lovin' family is THRILLED to be gearing up for the start of the 2011 NFL season. This morning, a fun little cartoon celebrating the end of the lock-out went up on the official site of the Philadelphia Eagles.  You really ought to go by and check it out.

And I have decided that if I ever have the opportunity to have a cartoon made of ME? I want this cartoonist to work the same magic on my physique that he/she worked on Coach Reid.  LOL!

Take a moment and pause at 1:01 - that greatness in action?! That flying leap by #81? Cartoon'd here, yes. But completely realistic and totally possible again this year.

That, my friends, is my guy. I'm on the look-out for my very own #81 jersey.

And I'm gonna say it now - he is the man to watch this year.

Jason Avant. You heard it here.

1 comment:

Aus said...

Well - for you - I'll check it out...but I have problems with pro sports pretty much all the way around - give me college kids any day of the week!

hugs - aus and co.