Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Great Link to Share

And another great, valid, BIG reason that we cannot do this mom thing alone. This parenting thing is way too hard, way too important, and way too God-planned, God-anointed, God-ordained, to do alone.

Then print it out. Print several copies.
Put it on your fridge.
In your Bible.
On the mirror where you put on your face.

And share it on with other moms, other parents who need it.

Really. We all need it.

For other peeks into 
my heart for motherhood,
click here and here.


Chris said...

Thanks for sharing this! What a great godly perspective. Love it!

I am going to share this link on FB.

Do you do FB? Would love to connect with you there also. :)

Wendy said...

I followed Chris's link from Facebook and I'm so glad I did! What a powerful message! It is truly amazing that a child's rank is placed at the bottom of the list for some. Children are the most precious gift from God and I'm so grateful He trusted me with my little guy! Thanks for sharing this link!

Lori said...

You have NO idea how badly I needed to hear this.

And the fact that I only came upon it because you commented on my blog...then I hopped over to yours, is no doubt God's orchestration.

I WILL print this out and read it again...then read it again.

Thank you so much. You ministered to me through this link more than you'll ever know.

groovy mama said...

Love Love it!!!!
Thanks for sharing:)