Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy 1 Year Gotcha Day!!!!!

If you'll indulge me a bit, I have one more little vignette to share in my days of looking back and looking forward.

One year ago today, we were given the great gift of meeting and holding our Li'l Empress for the first time. We already loved her, she was already ours, she already owned our hearts completely. But on September 15, 2008, it all became real. Here she is on that amazing day.

Not too sure of Mommy at first . . .

Full of smiles for her new Daddy
(note, the date is wrong here)

And here she is today, so completely full of love and life and still completely owning all of our hearts.

Her beauty, inside and out, takes my breath away

Say "Gotcha, Baby!"

If you are interested in reading more about our journey to our girl, you can read our original "Gotcha Day" entry here. There's posts before and after that chronicle our whole 16 days in China.

We celebrated with some of my family last night and I have to admit, I was pretty close to tears all night long. Being surrounded by those who love her, who prayed her in to the fold and supported us in the long wait was heady stuff.

But I confess, my heart was also a bit heavy in the midst of the celebration. I find my thoughts turning to her foster parents. We know that they loved her very much and really desired that she remain a part of their family. I am sad for them and have been asking the Lord to meet them and minister His comfort to them. On her birthday, a part of my heart was occupied with prayers for her birth mother. But today, my heart will be full of petitions for the couple who nurtured her joyful spirit and taught her so very well how to love and be loved. We are grateful to them today.


Salzwedel Family said...

Oh my how this precious girl has grown in one year. She is such a beauty and I can only imagine the joy she brings. Happy Gotcha Day!

Cindi Campbell said...

She is so cute and has that spark of personality. Happy Adoption day! Ours is tomorrow.

Classic MaMa said...

You are just such a beautiful woman! Here you are celebrating the arrival of someone you were yearning for and your heart was overflowing with love for others. Bless y'all!

TCKK said...

Congratulations. She is such a beautiful little girl and I have enjoyed reading about her and seeing all the pictures this past year.

Aus said...

WOW - you must save stuff up for a two part post like that! It's soooo cool that your family is 'together' - something that we've been missing with some of our extended's, but we cope. An like you - we are filled with thoughts about birth mom's on B-days and gotcha days - we wonder if they are ever thinking about us - and like you we offer a prayer for them and that they find peace too!

And then we move on with life - love - and joy!

It's all good - and we're glad to share it with you any anyone else that 'knows the feeling'!

hugs - great joy for you guys -

aus and co.

The Gang's Momma said...

Aus, it's funny that you say that, about saving it up. All the stuff in these last two posts has truly happened in the past week or 10 days. It's been a whirlwind here . .. A good season to stake a post and mark in our hearts of the goodness of our God!

Chapter Two Manmi said...

Wow! A whole year and look how much she has grown. Congratulations! You're Lil'Empress is adorable and looks so happy.

Our Journey to Rachel said...

Happy Gotcha Day Whitney Family! I'm thrilled for you. What an amazing journey God has blessed us with! Lil' Empress is beautiful. I love reading your blog and staying up to date on your family. I wish I had a way with words the way you do!

Sherry Crist

Jessica said...

She is a beauty. I love her facial expressions and her joy for life. I am so happy for you all.

Katie said...

Happy Gotcha Day! I can't believe it's been a year. Years of talking about it (I remember I was only in Jr. High), years of preparing, and now a year of joy! I can't believe I haven't met her yet. lOve you!

Kimberly said...

Happy, happy fami-versary!!!!