Saturday, September 26, 2009


Li'l Empress has beautiful, silky, soft black hair. Not much of it, but enough to finagle a little fountain piggie on the top of her sweet little head once in a while. Sometimes, if I'm feeling especially patient, we even manage to little spouts side-by-side. We've had occasion in this past year to neaten up the back of her hair and trim the back a little teeeeeensy bit. But only a couple times. And just to even it out and get rid of the stragglies.

This week, I noticed that the front of her hair was getting a little shaggy. And that it was really, really uneven. She has quite a few spots around her hairline where it just doesn't seem to grow as quickly as the rest of her hair. So, I got brave (seriously, I had to talk myself into it and "just do it!" when I was feeling the courage!) and trimmed up the front of her hair. Unfortunately, it's still a tad uneven and there's still some bare spots. At least all the ends are straight cuts now and not little stragglers. But it hasn't been a full week yet and it seems as if I'm the only one that notices them.

Here's the finished product. The sides are still really shaggy. But I'm not even slightly brave enough to tackle those and I'm really quite content to let them all grow in a bit more. As long as it doesn't look like she's growing a mullet, I'm good.

I'll have to look at it in another couple days, after it's "hung out a bit" - you know, like laundry that needs to hang to get the remaining wrinkles out of it. I have no idea why that makes a difference in a fresh hair cut, but it really does.

Or I might just be strange that way.

It's always a possibility.


Joan said...

:) you did a better job than we did in Baoji, after haircut day, everyone looked like little boys.

one thing I learned this year when I took some volunteers to get haircuts; the hair stylist said to never cut straight across on Chinese hair, so for the future day that Aidan starts caring about her hair, remind her not to pick a style that's a horizontal cut in the front! :)

another fun thing that's done with hair in Chinese cultures is saving the first cut of hair, and making a calligraphy brush of it. Because the first cut is always pointed, and not blunt from scissors.

Salzwedel Family said...

Good job! I love the pic of you two together.

TCKK said...

I love her haircut. It's adorable!

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