Friday, January 9, 2009

Yine Near Old Nonsense

It occurred to me the other day that I don't really blog much about LadyBug. I mean, enough for you to really get to know the treasure that she is to The Gang. I think it's because she's a fairly quiet kid and is full-blown into the "DON'T embarrass me, Mo-om" stage.

Which, coincidentally, just makes me want to plot all manner of bizarre and humiliating behaviors for walking through our local K*hl's together. I know, I have issues.

Aaaaaanyway, my issues aside, LadyBug may be quiet and may prefer to blend into the crowd when she's out of the house. But seriously? When this girl is here in the comfort and safety of her own home? She's a riot. She's spunky, sassy, and snappy. She breaks into crazy singing and dancing fits when someone says something that reminds her of a song she loves. She drives her brothers crazy by singing karaoke-style in this really, high-pitched nasal voice with great dramatic flair. She sings lyrics to songs that don't even exist. I mean, the song exists, but the lyrics she's singing? I have NO idea. But she has one particularly endearing trait that keeps us in stitches.

She mixes up her words.

Some of her funny little verbal twists aren't fit for print on this G-rated blog (and of course, those are her brothers' favorites that they repeat over and over with junior high boy glee and giggles). But I've been taking notes the past few weeks, jotting down some of the funny little things that come out of my LadyBug's mouth. They all have a context, but here are the punch lines. I think they are cute enough to stand on their own . . .

"He can't do that. His nail fingers are too long . . . "

". . . there's a bittle lit of laundry left . . ."

When reading a new word for the first time, sounding it out slowly: "stupp - i - did- i - tee"
And please, don't ask why she was reading a primary level book with the word "stupidity" in it. I think it might have been a J*nie B. J&nes book. 'Nuff said, eh?!

When describing a gentleman she saw at the mall the other day: " . . . and this one gall was really tigh."

But last night. Oh, last night.

Last night's verbal twist was perhaps the most shocking yet. Admittedly, it was also the funniest. Not necessarily because of what she said. But certainly because of the shock on her little face when she realized what just came out of her mouth. And definitely because of the huge reaction it scored with her brothers. Who laughed until they cried. Seriously. Shaggy was gasping for breath and Dr. D was rolling on the floor.

She was asking for a R**se's Peanut Butter Cup from her Christmas stocking. Only she seriously mixed up the "s's" and the "n's" in R**se's Peanut. Try it. And then drop the "t."

Yeah. Mommy's least favorite body-part word in the whole world just dropped out of sweet little LadyBug's mouth. Like a bomb in a suddenly quiet room. Followed by the explosion of laughter and tears. And hurried explanations of what she was really trying to say. Which just resulted in more tears and laughter and howls.

Yeah. That's my girl.

And yes, I did seek her permission to share this with you all. Seems it's not so embarrassing when you get your very own post. She does like her spotlight occasionally!


Aus said...

Now I get the caption too - but it took me a minute to catch my breath! Please remind Lady Bug that no matter what "The opera ain't over till the sat lady fings!"

Hugs to you guys -

aus and co.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Oh dear! In my house, there is no way we would have been able to keep from laughing.

And it is lovely for her to get some spotlight sometime!

Carol said...

hee hee that is cute.......Donna is in China!!

Livin' Life said...

Ahhh, poor lady bug. I actually feel her pain. I have a difficult time saying everyday words too. Mine came from my dyslexia but I understand that what you want to say just doesn't come out.

I love how loving you are about it. It wasn't as pretty at my house growing up. You guys are great!

TCKK said...

How funny!!!

julie said...

Funny!! Those brothers can be a pain.

Anonymous said...

That beat my chickie's "wiper dipes" any day. I could not stop laughing. VB