Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm Still Here

It's been a very busy week, including but certainly not limited to a second round of strep. Baby Blue Eyes did indeed have a sinus infection but late Tuesday night the doctor's office called back to say that the second lab test came back positive for strep. Poor Baby - I can never tell just how sick that kid is because he's just not a complainer.

In addition to the snow day, which was a barrel of fun and came to an end all too quickly, I've been busy re-arranging my daily routines to accommodate my return to volunteer work at our local church. I wrote my first bulletin last night, in 5 months. It was fun, and I'm a little scared at just how much fun I had formatting, writing, editing and putting my touch on it again. I mean, isn't that just a tad weird?! Seriously though, I do thoroughly enjoy serving my church family in this way and I love that I can pick it up again.

I'm still working on the logistics of getting to the church offices to print and fold it all. Currently, our church offices are on the second floor of a lovely old house-turned office building (which by the way, I could totally gut and restore to its former glory as a colonial stone farmhouse. Oh, the deep window sills! Oh, the exposed beams and rough cut stones! Oh My!). Lugging Li'l Empress, who is no longer so little, up and down those stairs with my arms full of diaper bags, snacks, and bulletins is a bit more than I can envision for my current Mom-abilities right now. Where oh where is Classic Mama and her Super Powers when I need her?! I think, for the time being, I'm going to have to wait till Shaggy and Dr. D are home from school on a Friday or head out on a Saturday morning when The Boss is here.

Right now, I'm off to a consultation with Li'l Empress's pediatrician. We need to get her on a plan for catching up and re-doing her immunizations as soon as possible. Unfortunately, after her first round of blood work came back in October, we learned that most of her original immunizations were not up to U.S. standards. This means a lot of extra shots. Additionally, much of her blood work needs to be repeated, some for further clarification and some for standard re-checks that CHOP always does for international adoptions. It also means plenty of tears, for baby and momma.

I'll be sure to post soon about the recent developments in Li'l Empress's growth and progress since I shared last time. We've also got some good plans laid out for treatment and interventions - CHOP has a great program for families of children with unilateral hearing loss. It's an awesome support network and they don't let ANYTHING slip through the cracks. What a blessing to have such support and resource at our finger tips!

Have a super weekend. We're excited to host an over-nighter with my niece and nephew while the big kids go on a weekend retreat with the youth group. I call it an "over-nighter" because calling it a "sleep-over" seems so silly. I'm fairly certain there won't be a ton of real sleeping for any of the little cousins!


Salzwedel Family said...

You have had a busy week! It's so nice you are getting back to doing something you love so much. Have a great weekend.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

I know you told me you were going to go back to your volunteering. I'm glad that you are and I hope that you get ahold of the logistics.

Can't wait to hear a detailed update on lil empress. It is wonderful to be in a position to get superior care.

Aus said...

Glad to see life return to something like normal - as if life with kids could ever be 'normal'!

Still no word on the file from Japan either - bummer - but another family that adopted from there has reached out to us with info and advice - we are so Blessed!

hugs - aus and co.